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  1. It’s too hard to blog on an iPhone! Keyboard is small and all. And I misspell things.
    But it’s great for taking quick notes to use when blogging later!

  2. Couldn’t you live-blog the setup process for your adoring public?

    • Well I can make phone calls with it! Now in the process of selecting apps etc.
      My sister’s had one for a while – I might go and have a newbie session with her.

  3. The selection of apps is a neverending thing. There’s that one. And that one. Oh, and that one looks pretty cool, too. Have fun!

    • And then there’s the mysterious switch at the top-left side which you fiddle with and it doesn’t seem to do anything, but then you discover a whole heap of missed calls which you don’t immediately associated with having fiddled with that switch!
      At least the internets gave me the answers when I asked teh Google “why doesn’t my iPhone ring?”
      Now that I know what it is, I really like that it’s that simple to turn the ring off.

  4. In the #serendipity department, my beloved won a raffle-type thing at work today and ended up with the latest (not quite actually released) Sony Ericson smartphone.
    So we nao haz smartphone dewels.

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