Femmostroppo Reader – April 26, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Predator Theory
  • – “In other words, the guy who says “she’s a dumb slut who probably liked it, so what does she expect” means it, and statistics will back up your gut. That doesn’t sound good. I guess it’s good and depressing news. You can identify rapists, is the good news, and it’s exactly who you thought it was is the depressing.” P.S. Fugitivus has moved to a new domain, so update your bookmarks

  • President Obama: A Transgender Veteran Is Not An ''Impersonator,'' ''It,'' Or ''Shim''
  • – “President Obama, you should be able to identify the U.S. Marshal who raised her fist and yelled “Go Navy” several times, and called me “it” and “shim” because there is a fixed camera facing the U.S. Marshal Station. I’ve asked Jeff Lynch of the DC Trans Coalition to help me file a Freedom Of Information Act request for that segment of video — because I too would like to see the video, and I’m sure too that many others would like to see it as well.”

  • At What Point Is A Rapist No Longer Responsible For The Harm Caused By Rape?
  • – “When I read questions like these I always wonder why the person asking these questions is seeking an expiration date for rapists’ responsibility. If the crime were stabbing or poisoning or shooting someone I doubt people would be use dismissive terms like “victim card” when evaluating the emotional impact of those violent crimes.”

  • David Lisak on Acquaintance Rapists: “We’re Giving a Free Pass to Sexual Predators”
  • – “Somehow all we can do is take the statement from the victim, take the statement from the alleged perpetrator, and then throw up our hands because they’re saying conflicting things and we don’t know how to resolve this. That’s not how we investigate other crimes. You know, in almost any other circumstance, if we have an alleged perpetrator, we begin an investigation. And it doesn’t end with asking the alleged perpetrator whether or not they did the crime.”

  • Salt director wrings hands about male love interest’s manliness
  • – “And let’s be honest: the husband is a Love Interest. Therefore, no one gives a righteous rat’s ass what he does or whether he has any character. His role is to Be Pretty and Put Out for Angelina’s character. Or at least, that’s what his role would be if he were a female love interest.”

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  1. Another day, another submission. More in the struggle to stop the Australian government removing women’s human rights and implementing the personhood of the foetus.

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