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ABC News ran the Budget speech through the Wordle generator:

Wordle graphic of most-often used words in the 2010 Australian Federal Budget speech 11 may 2010

Budget Speech 2010 Wordle viz ABC News

What are your thoughts on the budget? ABC-Online summed it up as No Thrills No Spills which seems pretty fair – you can catch more of my thoughts on @vivsmythe on Twitter as I watched the speech unfold while keeping an eye on the #ausbudget and #budget hashtags, retweeting what caught my eye. My favourite tweet of the night goes to @annabelcrabb (making a brief maternity-leave return to Twitter for the occasion):

Government Keeps Promise! Delivers Boring Budget, Exactly As Threatened

There’s a good argument for how this budget provides fiscal stability while felicitously wedging the LibNats – any alternative they offer is sure to cost more, thus pushing the budget further into deficit. I can see that. But its lack of provision for meaningful climate change amelioration/adaptation measures is a woeful opportunity lost.

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  1. I’d like to know what the ‘changes’ to the PBS that will save the government money will be. What medicines will no longer be accessible by the PBS? Or is it that the income tests will be harsher?
    Indigenous Australia seems to get not much at all in the scheme of things, and particularly considering the problems caused by the Intervention. No big announcements for education and health, just ‘petrol sniffing’ and ‘maintenance of hostels’. The promised childcare centres aren’t happening. Family reuninion migration has been cut. I don’t know enough about defence to critique the amount being deployed for ‘increased border control’ but it doesn’t sit well.

  2. It’ll wedge the Libs, but it also panders to their (and everyone else’s) neo-liberal deficit-terrorist tendencies.

  3. thanks for sharing the wordle – that’s a great way to visualise it.

  4. Couldn’t agree with Sam Bauers more.

  5. “No spills” for people without disabilities, maybe. There’s a massive cut to disability pensions, to be achieved by routinely denying new applicants who don’t look disabled (this is how I’m interpreting this “borderline” designation, I think reasonably – I expect this to disproportinately affect people with chronic pain, fatigueing illnesses, autoimmune disorders, and mental health issues). Those people will now be forced onto the much lower Newstart payment and sent compulsorily to job searches and long training courses. And, I’m guessing, if they’re too sick to go to their training courses, they’ll be breached. In combo with the lack of improvement in funding for mental health and Indigenous health, this is a dead-set recipe for more homeless people.
    There’s also a mostly-ignored slam to taxpayers with disabilities, with the big increase in threshold for medical expenses tax offset. This is set to “save” nearly as much as the disability pension cuts, but I can’t see many people talking about it.
    Meanwhile, defence, “border security”, and elite sports are seeing massive boosts in funding. Remind me again that Labor used to be a left-leaning party?

  6. fuckpoliteness: ” The promised childcare centres aren’t happening.” In fact, the childcare rebate is being cut and frozen at the lower levels, at a time when fees are rising.

  7. The summary I was reading did not mention the cut to the disability pension or the childcare rebate being cut/frozen: not arguing here, just cranky that a summary of the points could just exclude those as unimportant. I’m nervous that the changes to the PBS will also work against people with disabilities – *which* medications will be cut from the PBS?

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