Otterday! And Open Thread.

This dear sweet whiskered otter comes via The Daily Otter.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Currently reading this book recommended by Bluemilk. It KICKS. ASS. I would say arse but he is a US writer. My book budget is hideously limited and I’m glad I spent the $ on this one.

  2. My laptop is still cludged. This makes me a very sad panda. If I’m unavailable or take a long time answering emails, this is why. Also, I think I’m coming down with a flu. Which is SO NOT FUN RIGHT NOW. And the cold is really getting to me. I mean the cold temperatures. I really can’t cope with the cold weather. 😦 It makes my guts hurt worse.

  3. Made a fantastic massaman curry in the slow cooker today, possibly ate too much and trying not to explode.
    Heading to the Nursing Expo at Homebush tomorrow. Fun times!

  4. I only have two more weeks of co-op preschool with my daughter – this will mark the end of five years of being a co-op mom. (Co-op preschool is where the parents work in the classroom and help run the class.) I am alternating between sadness and relief. Also, today my son marched in a parade at kindergarten, wearing a giant cockatoo mask that we have spent the last eight weeks working on. And I read the graphic novel Logicomix, about the life of mathematician Bertrand Russell.

    • Kristin, I have only vaguely heard of co-op pre-schools and they sound on the one hand excellent (all that parental involvement and close community bonding) and on the other hand like yet another way that mostly women’s labour is co-opted for unpaid carer work for which they never get adequate social credit/recognition/reward. I’d be curious to know more about your opinions on both aspects.

  5. I’ve been reading James White’s final diagnosis, a hard sci-fi novel about a multi-species hospital. I’m halfway through and it’s hilarious.
    All my assignments are due next week, so naturally I’ve been stressing about getting them done, getting a good mark, how to tactfully accelerate the somnolent posteriors of certain team members, whether I’ll ever find a flat to live in ever, the tenuousness of jobs in this industry, the lack of jobs in any industry, and my own impending inevitable poverty and death. Not that I’m overreacting or anything.

    • @TAK

      Not that I’m overreacting or anything.

      I, meanwhile, have had the flu FOREVER and am never going to feel well again. I’ll probably DIE before tomorrow.

  6. So sorry to hear that Tigtog. Have you got your funeral music list together?
    I on the other hand am having a week off work for fun (but not getting paid which isn’t fun at all) and have spent my first day doing housework, as you do. But at least it is easier to sneak things out of the house which are no longer worn/fit/played with/ or just something I despise without people around wanting to claim them back.

  7. A big ‘thank you’ to the Doctor who decided to ask my 21 year old cousin upon hearing my cousin was planning to terminate her early pregnancy (a drunken ‘whoops’ moment with a deadbeat jerk of an ex) “What would you do if this was your only chance to have a child”. ThankYOU doctor! I suppose YOU will be helping raise this child now? ThankYOU to her mother who filled her head with thoughts of ‘killing things’ versus lovely babies. ThankYOU religion and thankYOU society. Jobs well done all around.

  8. FP, I hope she looked at the doc with wide eyes and replied, “yes, hypotheticals are fun! But I haven’t got time just now.”
    Tell your cousin next time I see her I’ve had 3 abortions and 2 kids and I often think that if I hadn’t terminated the other pregnancies I’d never have met them. Not that I mightn’t have loved the other ones had I gone ahead but they never mention that scenario now do they?!

  9. Next time YOU see her. Shit. No, I’m not stalking her or anything. 😀

  10. Now, the reason I came to this Otterday thread: A strange and Otterlike creature washed up, dead, in Canada:

    Might be the Shiraz but I find hir a bit of a sweetie and feel very sorry for hir.

    OK, off to Snopes now. I plan to spend my Friday evening drinking wine and researching this endearing furry mammal. And watching crime if time permits.

  11. And what’s with the “monster”, eh?
    Looks like a cross between an otter and a bulldog. Two of the most beautiful creatures on this earth. (hic)

  12. Helen @ 10: too late, the damage is done. She’s now continuing with the pregnancy, the main concerns being ‘What if it’s my only chance?’ and a feeling that she would be killing a person. Thanks to others filling her head with their own issues at a time when she’s tired, confused, frightened and vulnerable. 😦 I’m not suggesting she can’t be a good mother, I’m not suggesting she won’t make it work. I’m just really really sad for her: she’s 21 and life is about to get harder in every conceivable way. And because some douchehound medical dude said ‘What if this was your only chance?’ as he performed the scan.

  13. FP, that’s terrible. I think I will have to give my daughter a specific Talk, about “medical professionals and how to stand up to them”. He should have been required to answer detailed questions as to the statistical probability of it being her only chance.

  14. Link broken 😦
    What is the beastie?
    ETA: (need to add the tm onto the end of the link). But the Chinese don’t seem to know what it is either. I hoped that they would say ‘oh it’s a thingamabobwatsit’ they are every where around here.

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