Otterday! And Open Thread

Today’s rare white Asian short claw otter pup comes via Zooborns. The leucistic otter is part of a pair born at the Blue Planet Aquarium. More photos at the link.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Monster Otter cont’d – this is for Mindy.
    Here’s another link to the more scary picture.
    Yes, not as cuddly looking in profile.
    I’m thinking (1) furry seal which has lost fur from its face and paws due to disease or whatever (the eyes also seem to indicate something wrong) or (2) something someone has put together and put on the rocks for a joke. After all, the entertainment opportunities in Kitchenuhmaykoosib are possibly limited.
    The profile does seem seal-ish, I think.

  2. Sorry, forgot to explain that “continued” = “continued from the last Otterday thread”, if you’re wondering what the hell I’m blathering about.

    It seems most likely that the creature is a river otter.
    Now I’m off to work in this lovely weather (Pointy end of IT project near to go live, waaah!)

    • ooh. I’ve been putting off updating the blog to the last security update because it didn’t apply to any problems Hoyden was having. But just looking at something in another blog which has upgraded to the latest version, I discovered that WP now has a disemvowel button in the admin for editing comments!
      So, am about to update blog software. If something hangs then just wait a minute or two and then refresh.

    • t s! ‘m jst bt t tst whthr th bttn slctvly dsmvwls nly hghlghtd txt r whthr t jst ds th whl cmmnt.
      Lrm psm dlr st mt, cnscttr dpscng lt. Sd mprdt dlr t lrm ltrcs prt m cng. Pllntsq gt nq nq. Nll fcls. Lrm psm dlr st mt, cnscttr dpscng lt. Sd vt sm sd rc psr grvd gt sd nnc.

      • OK, the disemvowel button does the whole comment, not just selectively highlighted obnoxities. So I will still be needing my handy dandy webwidget for when I only want to disemvowel a sentence here and there. Still neat.

  4. Your handy dandy webwidget? Is it share-able?

  5. Thnk y! ‘m pttng t n m bkmrks rght nw.

    • oops! I meant to make a tiny tweak, and I’ve lost most of my customisations for the blog!
      Now, where did I put that back-up file?

      • buggrit – I was getting bored with this look anyway. I’m going to try a few new things. Will be putting the blog into maintenance mode for an hour or so while I just get it looking nice.

  6. OK, fairly happy now with this simplified look. Feel free to tell me what bits you hate!

  7. I would like to report that the PacMan game on the Google logo today has had a seriously negative effect on the amount of marking I’m getting done. I hope they take it down soon.

  8. Deborah – me too, man. I sat there for ages fooling around with it, then I stopped and thought, “Hang on… I was actually aiming to get something done today. What was it? Shit!” LOL!
    And in other news, my laptop is now working again with swanky Windows 7 on it. Am in joy.
    Am also planning to film Geek Version of “Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend”, but the words changed to reflect my Doctor Who Geekdom. Am unsure whether to dress in a sparkly dress or in a Leela costume.

  9. @napalmnacey, either option sounds awesome!

  10. Primarily doing a test post as requested via Twitter.
    Also, Lauredhel, in your no-knead bread photo tute, is the foil on the handle because the handle’s not really oven safe, or an oven safe handle at the really high temperatures you described? (Don’t think I have a suitable container as yet).

    • Thanks for dropping by to test comments, Aliasaviva. It looks like whatever problem Akismet was having a while ago is sorted with upgrading everything else. Yay!

      napalmnacey, I see your dilemma. I have no good suggestions, I just want to see it.

  11. @tigtog – The dress will cost me money, the Leela costume won’t cost me anything but effort as I’ve already got the raw materials for the costume. The real kicker will be renting the TARDIS replica in Perth, but I think it’d make the video SO awesome, it might get more play across the blogs. It’ll also be the jukebox for my birthday party. 😀 😀

  12. Comment test starts. Igniting primary and secondary thrusters. Calculating trajectory. Priming fuel lines with biscuits. Engaging the pun filter. Life support checked, all systems checked, except the ones that are plaid. Handbrake off. Prepare for hyperbole jump. Beginning comment in 3…2…1…

  13. Aliasaviva: The handle on my Le Creuset is Bakelite. It’s fine in a cool-moderate oven, but not at these temps, hence the foil. I did forget and put it in without once, and there was a scorchy smell.

  14. Still looking to ID the ‘monster’ – I think I’ve got it. A mink. Everything fits.

    Whatever caused it to lose its fur from its face and feet, I imagine that would have killed it even in the North American spring – those critters would hugely depend on their fur to maintain body heat I’d imagine.

  15. The one thing I am noticing is that the Edit Comments plugin doesn’t appear to be working anymore. That’s a shame.
    ETA: of course, as an admin I can still edit comments, so this is just to note that I do know that something odd appears to be happening to the rightmost sidebar in Internet Exploder. Damn and blast you, Bill Gates – couldn’t eliminating malaria wait for you to sort out your browser’s standards compliance?

  16. @ Helen
    I’m glad to see someone else was as fascinated by this as I was. I think you may be spot on with the mink. I assumed that because it was found in the water it was some type of aquatic animal and I think a lot of other people did to. I wonder why we are so keen to find monsters?

  17. I also got sucked in by pacman yesterday – and just discovered it’s still there today but am trying to ignore it and get on with writing paper.
    The handle has come off my le crueset, so no scorchy smells here (it can be screwed back on quite easily except I can’t seem to find the handle, the screw and the screwdriver all at once…)

  18. I kept dying also, or else hitting the browser back button accidentally just when I was doing well – it’s inconveniently located right next to the up arrow key on my stinkpad.
    But being slightly obsessive about games, that didn’t stop me. Must.Write.Essay.Now.

  19. My daughters have been standing by my and offering helpful advice about which way I should turn, adjuring me not to live dangerously, and sighing mightily each time my Pacperson dies.


  20. Pacperson, I love it 🙂

  21. My experience was eerily similar to tigtog’s. After the thrill of discovering that that the logo was playable come the realisation that thirty years on and I’m still no good at it 🙂

  22. After going to the dentist today I was wondering if I’m in the wrong profession. 15 minutes, 1 filling and $145 later…
    Mind you it was much better than I remember as a child. It hasn’t been quite that long since I’ve been to a dentist but I probably should go more often. Must remember next time – when he says tingling, wait for the tingle, don’t go with ‘it’s a bit numb, lets try it’.

  23. I get to have a little personal grouch now every time I encounter “mother” as shorthand for older (and therefore ill-informed) female (and therefore ill-informed and probably needs to be spoken to in shorter words to boot) and child-obsessed target market for your society reforming needs.
    This week’s “let’s explain technology in little words to our mothers award, boys” goes to Electronic Frontiers Australia’s It’s Time to Tell Mum campaign against the ALP’s filtering proposal.
    And the “one adult and one adult only is responsible for the health, safety and general wholesomeness of all pre-teens, guess who” award goes to William Sears: I have noticed in our pediatric practice a group of moms I dub pure moms — those who don’t let their babies eat any processed, canned, or jarred foods pass the lips of their babies for the first couple of years. (source)

  24. @Mary. Huh? My Mum was campaigning against the filter WAY before I was!! She’s the one that urged me to get into it (I didn’t know much about it and was going through some trauma issues at the time so I wasn’t paying attention).
    My Mum has built computers from scratch. She’s the one that helped me save my computer from meltdown AND she’s the one I talk to before I make new purchases cause she knows about the guts of a computer and which is better. SHE is the one that buys PC Magazine and keeps up with tech news. When she was fixing my sick lappie, I asked her if it was stressing her out.
    “Are you kidding?” she said. “I’m spending hours fixing a computer! I’m happy as a pig in shit!”

  25. Word, Mary and napalmnacey. Hello, EFA, we’re RIGHT HERE. Tigtog and I, and other Hoydens and Hoydenizens have been blogging about this proposed filter for over a year now, again and again. Somehow our current events awareness and capacity for political thought didn’t fall out of our vaginas with the baby(ies).
    There’s a really strong side serve of “teh wimminz are the ones looking after children” infusing this also, which makes me wince every time.
    Try genderflipping the campaign. Would the EFA have released the same campaign as “It’s Time To Tell Dad”? With cracks about dads doing nothing but watch Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Days of Our Lives? “Dads love gossip”?
    “Even dads want an internet connection that’s faster, cheaper and more secure”?
    “If dads begin to rely on the filter to keep their children safe, rather than monitoring their children’s internet use themselves, children will actually be less safe than before the filter was in place.”?
    “We all know that it’s dads that do the best job of looking after their kids”?
    I know at least one of the EFA board members reads this blog. I’m really disappointed that this sexist, condescending shit is coming out of there.


  1. It’s time to tell Electronic Frontiers Australia to stick it | Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony
  2. witty title pending : Time to tell Mum: further reading
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