Weekend Wibble: Your Top F/SF Battle Scenes?

I was just enjoying Fantasy’s Top Ten Fight Scenes: The Battles at Fantasy Magazine, and was wondering what y’all think. What are your top speculative fiction (let’s include fantasy and SF) battle scenes, and why?

Do any of them pass a battle-modified Bechdel test: two women (or girls) fighting, with (or against) each other, about something other than a man?

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  1. It’s a bit cheesy (in keeping with the whole thing), but DG and Azkadellia’s climactic battle in Tin Man passes your Bechdel test. I thought that series was a lost opportunity: the set up and a lot of the characters had so much potential, but the scriptwriting was really poor; it was all “duck, it’s an Exposition Bomb!”

  2. Are we counting Buffy? Because every fight in Buffy, especially after SMG got really good with her parts of the fight scenes. 😀

  3. The one-on-one fight between Coraline and the Other Mother (in spider form) in the CGI movie “Coraline.” I think this one does pass the Bechdel test, since Coraline talks to her mom a little, and to the Other Mother even more. However Whybie intervenes at the very end, which wasn’t in the book.

  4. As per the original Bechdel cartoon even:

    (The original strip was Alien rather than Aliens, but this is the best fight scene). BTW, searching for that cartoon link above, I just found bechdeltest.com which lists movies according to Pass/Fail on Bechdel-Wallace. Yay!

    I rather like the fight at the end of Iain M. Banks’s Matter, which passes by my standard: Djan Seriy Anaplian is a woman fighting a non-gendered world-killing construct known as Iln. She’s been rebuilt to be rather more crash-survivable than most humans — at the climax all that remains of her is her skull and its contents.
    Which, aside from the usual, includes a respectable amount of antimatter in a containment field. It’s meant to be used a particle at a time to power her weapons systems and other assorted technologies. But it makes for a respectable last-ditch weapons system in its own right when allowed to convert all its mass to energy at once.
    Anaplian had, as good agents do, made a backup mind-state before haring off on her adventure and lost at most a couple of days worth of memories. Eventful days, but still. Death be not proud.

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