Eurovision Final Live Chat

It’s been ages since we last livechatted! Today at the Hoydenfest I was asked if I could set it up for all those who love themselves some kitsch and bling every year on SBS, so here we are. The show starts at 7:30pm on SBS Australian Eastern Standard Time, and the CoverItLive chat widget below should go live at 7:15pm.


For those who want to stream the show rather than watch it on TV for whatever reason, here’s a streaming service:

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  1. Anyone who wants to be a panelist or a producer (if you’ve done Cover It Live stuff before) let me know and I’ll set you up.

  2. We haven’t done it before, but you could add us in whatever capacity suits newbies… We’ll probably be single keyboarding for the duration, when A and I appear together we tend to be ‘puzzles’.

  3. BTW, we can include some tweetfeeds into the mix, so if any regular Hoydenizen is planning to livetweet, please let me know.

    • Also, if you’re not sure – being a panellist is just being trusted to not be an arsehat, so your comments don’t have to be approved by a producer.
      A producer can approve comments, add/remove a commenter as a panellist, and add tweetfeeds etc into the mix as they come up.
      So yes, I am in fact going to be watching Doctor Who with my family while streaming it onto my little netbook ( with my headphones on, with my seesmic open in one windown and the chat open in the other. Whee!

  4. Thanks for that Tigtog, that was fun!
    Gah, that winning song is an earworm.

  5. That was fun.
    My plan of having three different streaming windows open at once on the netbook was not however a goer – it wasn’t happy and went on the go-slow.
    The experience of watching first the Doctor fighting evil and then Albert Finney’s Churchill fighting evil while reading the comments about shiny dresses, stage pyrotechnics and here-is-the-big-key-change moments was rather fun in a disconcerting way though.

  6. Given the winner, I suspect next year’s copycat entries will be “Manic Pixie Dream Girl Does Eurovision”.

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