Quickhit: It’s going to Ruin us

The new Mining Tax – we’ve heard it all before.

This is the CFMEU’s take on the mining industry’s objection to the Rudd Government’s proposed Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT).

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  1. I love the one in the toga!

  2. Brilliant! Love the use of the iPad for temporal context.
    Possible reference to Said Hanrahan” by John O’Brien? If so, even cleverer!
    “We’ll all be rooned!”

  3. ‘”We’ll all be rooned”, said Hanrahan, in accents most forlorn…’

  4. Hahahaha, very amusing.
    I’m intrigued by the way they use RP English accents and “Land of Hope and Glory” to associate the scaremongerers with Imperialism, possibly also invoking the idea that saying these things is un-Australian.

  5. ROFL
    Beppie, good point. I’d just associated the accents with “that was the accent of the people in power at the time” (either because they were English or because that’s how “cultured Australians” spoke at the relevant times OR more to the point, how we think “cultured Australians” spoke at the time). But yeah. You may have something there.

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