Thursday Cheezburger: Triumph of the Redheads

In celebration of our first bloodnut Prime Minister, Julia Gillard: –

Have you too spent all day monitoring the #spill and #spillard hashtags on Twitter?

a fluffy ginger cat stretches its paws up into the air, captioned: Sadly, there was no one there to do The Wave with Mittens
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We always knew she had the power to burst that glass ceiling:

a ginger cat next to a metal fence casting vertical shadows, captioned: Instant Tiger Just add shadows
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I initially used the term “rangas” in the title of this post, intended affectionately. After feedback regarding its problematic aspects, and reflecting on same, the title has been changed.

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  1. It’s not a LOLcat, but it is an Australian icon:

  2. My predictions are quite good acshully! But really as soon as they rule out challenging like that, it’s all over except for scraping the blood off the party room floor.

    • It reminds me of the brilliant satire of The Games, and the motif of “the minister said that X has hir complete support” meaning that a parking space would soon be free.

  3. Ginger kittehs are surprisingly apt, clearly the political class of the kittehs:
    see more Lolcats and funny pictures
    see more Lolcats and funny pictures

  4. Yes, or when a politician says “absolutely” – which of course means no! My cat, who is not ginger, just tried to eat my blackberry – he doesn’t like me typing on it, but it’s the only way I can access HAT during the week when working. And I wanted to say the new mobile setup is great, with the landing page and links to the posts!

    • Glad the new mobile option is working for you – I’m happy to have found an option that seems to be working well for everyone.

  5. And I have done a whole new lol in honour of the new leader: The Greek Tragedy of KRudd

  6. Thanks tigtog – it’s just not a Greek Tragedy without a chorus…

  7. That’s so fabulous, Bekk. Much giggling was had, especially over Foxy Man 😉

  8. I’ve been tossing up whether to even mention this, because it’s injecting a rather sour note into a light-hearted post, but since HaT cares about language being sexist or racist or ablist or classist or heterosexist or cissexist, you should at least be aware of this.
    Many of my redheaded friends, family, and acquaintances have mentioned that they dislike “ranga”, because the word is used too often in insulting or belittling or aggressive ways. I’ve never met a redhead who self-described as a “ranga”, and I never use it myself (other than in a context like this, obviously).
    I believe “ginga” is a much safer nickname, much more likely to be understood as affectionate by redheads. But it would be better to get some opinions from redheads.

    • AooT, thanks for deciding to mention it.
      My sample of redheads who are willing to call themselves “rangas” (with gusto even) is no doubt skewed by them being mostly comedians, and seeing redheads in the audience enjoying this material immensely. I accept that such times are in a special category (reclamation?) that doesn’t necessarily indicate how redheads feel about the use of the term in other circumstances.
      I was thinking of this post as falling into roughly the same category as those stand-up routines, but it quite possibly does not. I can change the post title if people think it would be best.

  9. I think the pertient difference is that red-heads are not a persecuted or oppressed group within society. So completely different from language being ‘language being sexist or racist or ablist or classist or heterosexist or cissexist” because there is no power dynamic and no oppression.

  10. @ Bek – I went to school with a few red-heads and I remember them copping a lot of teasing just because of the colour of their hair. If ranga is a term that has been foisted upon them rather than chosen then I could see how it could offend. I don’t know what school playgrounds are like now.
    Also, sayings like ‘treated like a red-headed step child’ suggest to me that red heads still cop it somewhat. Not to the extent that you would call it oppression or persecution IMO but I still remember the teasing and I’m not a red-head.

  11. People with blonde hair are not a persecuted or oppressed group either but we can still recognise that blonde jokes are oppressive.
    The ranga tag does contribute to the oppression young people experience within highschools. One of my offspring just barely falls into the “ranga” category and when asked, he says you can “shove it”.
    Hope that helps to answer the question.

    • I think the pertinent difference is that red-heads are not a persecuted or oppressed group within society.

      My impression is that they are actually more persecuted now than they were a couple of decades ago (and there was always a bit of tedious “carrot-top” stuff when I was in school), and that it might sadly be due to comedians using gingers/rangas/bloodnuts as an ironic stand-in for material about oppression generally, an idea that they, especially when they were gingers themselves, could say blatantly outrageous things about redheads that nobody would believe for a minute, and that this could open up a space for reflection about other social prejudices.
      Sadly, some of those punchlines were so catchy that they caught on in the playground, and kids who wouldn’t have thought of teasing a redhead before suddenly did so just because they now had massive ammunition to hand.
      I’m changing the post title.

  12. I think we can say that the term ‘ranga’ and the vilification of red-heads has gone too far when we look at the numbers of children comitting suicide because of red-hair taunting. When most people are asked if the term ‘ranga’ or any other terms derogatory to red-headed people are offensive, most will say they are not. If the majority of people you ask do not have red hair, then of course their answer will be that it isn’t offensive. What is the point of that? Most people with red-hair that I know find the term ranga offensive and insulting. It refers to red heads as sub-human and is no more discriminatory than ape, monkey or any other term used to insult a minority. It isn’t endearing nor is it funny. Recently a comedy reviewer reported that ranga jokes are no longer funny. They are old and out-dated- no longer cool. That is very true and to me they are also rude and insulting.

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