I aten’t dead

Just had a couple of busy family days while mr tog took time off work and we’ve been out and about with the sprogs. Today was a perfect day to catch the ferry over to Manly, so we did.

logo for the Down Under Feminists CarnivalHave also been spending some time (while waiting for other projects to get to the point where I can do my stuff) in helping Chally put together a new web home for the Down Under Feminists’ Carnival – Chally has taken over running the Carnival after Lauredhel’s impressive run of coordinating 25 carnivals since 2008. So please check it out, update your bookmarks and blogrolls, and get submitting your favourite Down Under Femblogger posts for the next carnival!

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  1. Yay for Chally!
    And many thanks to Lauredhel for bringing DUFC life and giving us such a wonderful community building tool. Your hard work over the past years is very much appreciated.
    I will wait till I’m back home to explore the new site, phone browsing is too frustrating.

  2. Seconding what Mim said.

  3. I explored. That header pic matching the carnival host for each edition’s post thing is made of awesome, I kind of want to know how it’s coded ’cause I’d love to get clever with it on the school P&C blog. You know, in my spare time and if I was way more technically literate than I am 😉

    • mimbles, I’m glad to tell you that getting that going took me only my usual deep attention to continually going “what does this button do?” when exploring a new theme. That option is built into the new default WordPress theme, 2010 (auto-uploaded to your theme directory when upgrading to WP3.0), so all you have to do is upload a picture of the correct size to the media gallery and designate that picture as the Featured Image for that post/page. That’s it.

  4. Ooooo! How very civilised 🙂

  5. Glad you “aten’t dead” tigtog and that reference makes me smile. A few wow’s – Wow to lauredhel for coordinating a (more than impressive) 25 carnivals. What a wonderful addition to the feminist blogosphere the DUFC is. I must say I’ve really felt a part of something because of the community and continuity that has emerged from the carnival (yes, sporadic blogger that I am). Every month there is something awesome to read – familiar bloggers to catch up on and new or undiscovered feminists to read.
    And wow to the DUFC’s new home – it looks quite smik.

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