Otterday! And Open Thread

Today’s otters live in the New Forest Wildlife Park and come courtesy of TGIGreeny, on Flickr, shared under CCL.

It's all very brown. Tree trunks and rocks frame the faces of two otters lying down, chins resting on the fur of another otter, whose ear we can just see off to the left.  Behind them is the fur of another resting otter. At the very edge of the bottom foreground we can just see the blurred outline of another otter's paw.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Oh, I really, really feel like a drink after sorting out the new home for LP. Frack I’m knackered.

  2. The new LP looks very, very nice.
    We’re about to get very busy indeed with last minute preparations for our younger daughters’ ninth birthday party. Disco and pizza (homemade, of course! ‘Though I’m now starting to think that buying in might have been more sensible). Frog ponds, meringues and fruit and lolly kebabs for dessert, followed by cake, which the girls have decorated themselves. I suspect I will want a drink afterwards…
    My partner has availed himself of a golden ticket for tomorrow. He’s hosting his university’s corporate box at the local Aussie rules derby, and he thought that it just wouldn’t seem right for the host to be the teetotaller. A thin excuse, I thought.

  3. Well, it should look pretty much the same as before the hack forced us into Exile for a while, but anyway. Archive migration is playing up a bit, but we’ll get there.
    I managed to stave off the stiff drink through the serendipitous presence of bite-size Violet Crumble in the house, but I was awfully tempted to go and buy myself a Golden Ticket!

  4. Stay strong ladies! You have come so far! Definitely on the home straight (strait?) now.
    Today I completely indulged my nerdy side by trying to attain step one in my goal of not using my dryer anymore this winter. I had a clothes line full of clothes and bedding after a perfect storm of sick kids and accidents and it was only about 14 degrees, but sunny with a smidgin of breeze. I must have spent at least an hour swapping clothes around, getting out clothes racks and putting them in the sun and re-arranging stuff on them endlessly. Must have been entertaining for anyone watching. I had a complete ball. One of the reasons I really enjoyed Brisbane was because the 20 degree days with a slight breeze were just perfect for getting washing dry. Maybe there’s a support group I can join. Tonight I have two doonas on drying racks, one pair of adult jeans on one pair of kids jeans, a kids jumper and some socks and I have put away about three baskets of dry washing without using the dryer. Smug mode.

  5. tigtog: moving LP must make the Hoyden move look pretty peanuts. You should be investigating 1st August cocktail recipes starting now…

  6. Mindy, I stand in awe of your drying prowess!
    Mary, Hoyden was a doddle in comparison. For a start, we couldn’t do a straight MySQL export from old server because of Reasons, so we had to do a native WP-import/export and split the .xml file into digestible chunks for upload to the new site. 235 separate .xml files later, that’s why the archives are going to take a while to get back up.

  7. My good friend Marian Dalton started up a new blog, The Conscience Vote which talks about Australian politics. It is worth checking out

  8. Woo! My partner and I just bought plane tickets to New Zealand for New Year! We’ll be there for a little under two weeks, and will catch up with friends and travel through the South Island (which we’ve done before, and loved it).

  9. I’m at my dad’s house, cat-sitting while he’s away. But the cats are pretty much ignoring me, and not eating much of the food I’ve put down. Harrumph.
    On the other hand, I’ve enjoyed being back in London – I went to the treasures of the British Library exhibition, which is amazing. They have Jane Austen’s writing desk! And the Magna Carta! And hand-written Beatles lyrics!

  10. Beppie, my parents only have one child (not me) coming to Christmas this year, so decided to do Christmas in Queenstown. Now I feel like going anyway!

    Sounds like a lovely plan for New Years.

  11. Kirstente, I cried when I saw Magna Carta and Jane Austen’s writing desk.

  12. Personally, I’m barracking for Adam tonight…
    Glad that uni’s back again, but miffed that I didn’t get all my projects finished over the holidays. I’m actually looking forward to the end of my degree just so I can take a week off without having anything due.

  13. First weekend almost entirely subsumed by studying for the semester, and currently causing much frustration because I need an article I can’t get electronically and as always, the one you can’t get seems like the absolutely pivotal one that you really need and that lays out the whole problem clearly…
    (if anyone happens to have access to this electronically: Carolyn Porter, “Are We Being Historical Yet?” South Atlantic Quarterly 87 (1988): pp. 743-86 I would be eternally grateful!)

  14. I’m coming to Sydney & Brisbane for a week (from NZ!) at the start of September and I have a small amount of our trip free for sightseeing. Is there anything feminist I can do or see while I’m over?

  15. After the debate last night they went to some voters in Penrith to ask who they thought won the debate. The two young women on the panel of 6 gave it to Julia. The other three women (older maybe late 30’s – early 50’s) gave it to Abbott and the only man said Abbott won as well. His reason? He doesn’t trust anything Julia says after 1. she took the PMship from Rudd (all by herself apparently) and 2. she denied females the historical opportunity to vote in the first ever female PM by taking it selfishly for herself. The distaste in his voice when he said females was absolutely chilling. It was all complete bullshit of course. He just doesn’t like women and I think it really gets his goat that one is now PM. Nasty nasty man. At least he only has one vote, just like me. I did wonder if away by herself in the polling booth his wife might dare to vote for Labor.

  16. Katherine, I’m not sure that I can think of anything especially feminist to sightsee, but I’d love to meet up with you for a coffee or something? The Guylian cafe on Circular Quay has harbour/bridge/Opera House views plus choccies galore, for instance.

  17. Finally remembered where I’d asked that! I’ll send you an email Tigtog

  18. Sure thing Katherine. I don’t know if you’ve got a day or two’s flexibility with your travel plans, but there’s just been a Sydney feminist blogger meet-up organised for August 29th…

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