Marry, Shag or Cliff: Villains who can DANCE edition

Strictly speaking, they might not always be villainous and dancing in the same movie, but that would be just nitpicking. Since it’s aaaages since we’ve done this, remember the rules: you have to choose one of each of the three below to match each fate. No skipping any.

And because their dancing is so integral to their villainous appeal (it’s all about the body language), yes: there will be videos after the cut.

three panels showing Christopher Walken as a Bond villain, Kevin Bacon being creepy to Meryl Streep, Sam Rockwell playing Justin Hammer

(l-r) Christopher Walken in A View To A Kill (1985), Kevin Bacon in The River Wild (1994), Sam Rockwell in Iron Man 2 (2010)

Walken and Rockwell seem to manage to get a few dance moves into just about every film they’re in, whereas Bacon seems to avoid doing so as much as he can. I guess he does get sick of being asked to do the Footloose stuff.

  • A clip from Sam Rockwell’s screen test for Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

  • Footloose‘s awesome/funny part showing Kevin Bacon trying to teach Chris Penn’s character how to dance

  • and finally, Chris Walken – how on earth had I never ever seen this scene before – he ends up tapdancing on a bar in his underwear! (Pennies from Heaven, 1981)

And of course Walken dances in the marvellous film-clip for Fat Boy Slim’s Weapon of Choice – embedding disabled, but you can watch it on YouTube, where someone left this perfect comment:

Every night before he goes to bed Chuck Norris checks his closet for Christopher Walken.

Since you can’t watch Walken fly here, I offer you some gratuitous Eddie Izzard (doing his Christopher Walken impression) instead.

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4 replies

  1. Marry – Christopher Walken – never need be scared of the dark again because there is nothing out there as scary as him.
    Shag – Kevin Bacon – well before marrying Christopher Walken because I’d be too terrified that he might give me that ‘look’.
    Cliff – Sam Rockwell but only because I know nothing about him. I reserve the right to change it all!

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