Election Week 4: are the LibNat wheels falling off?

We can only hope. I’ve been too crashitty-crash and in crisis mode with a couple of projects to keep a close eye on the trends for the last few days , but there seems to be a cautious optimism amongst the lefties of late.

Is anybody else following the #rooty hashtag on Twitter, for the not-a-debate “townhalls” at Rooty Hill tonight with Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott?

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  1. why yes, like apparently most other Australians on Twitter I am snickering that we have got #rooty to trend and confuse the rest of the world.


  2. Streaming live on Herald Sun (have to disable ad-blocker on this page to see video)
    http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/special-reports/federal-election-2010 – Tony Abbott is up now.

  3. “Undecided voter” in Rooty Hill audience (lobbed Tony Abbott an easy jolly matey question) turns out to be Young Liberal and son of existing SA LIberal candidate Joe Stanzi. The link below is to his time as a Big Brother contestant.

  4. You can certainly see some of the Labor Party’s election campaign strategy actually starting to work now with the timing of certain things.. plus Tony Abbott has had time to screw up a number of things, including that 7.30 Report interview on national broadband.
    The whole thing got very interesting again.

  5. Those tags have been fairly amusing. Melinda Tuttle has been pure gold tonight.

  6. Tuttle? I mean BUTTLE. God damn my stupid memory.
    How can a policy be gendered? What the hell? Policy is policy. Compassion is genderless. People of the entire gender spectrum are supposed to be compassionate. Just – GAH!
    Still, it’s nice to see a positive op-ed about Ms. Gillard for once. Every snipe at her from the press makes my stress levels inch up. 😦

    • I’m very fond of Mel Buttle – very quick witted and a fine stand-up comic. She’s Brisbane-based but gets around for festivals and such – catch her if you get the chance!

  7. I’m not sure that article about Gillard was meant to be positive *at all* given the audience of the Australian and its political leanings.

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