Femmostroppo Reader – August 15, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Meta: In which the internet is sharp on both sides
  • – “The sense of power that allows me to write about a deeply upsetting experience is the same sense of power that allows a commenter to joke about raping me. It’s the same sense of power that creates nauseating “blogwars.””

  • Porn, Social Criticism, and the Marginalization of Kink
  • – “I want to be very rigorous here. I want to be sure I don’t reach my conclusion first and then contort my ethical thinking so I can get there from here. I don’t want to have my rationale be, “I like kinky porn, therefore it’s okay; I don’t like “Sex in the City,” therefore it’s not.” I don’t want my ethical thinking to just be a rationalization of my personal likes and dislikes.

    So I’ve been thinking about this carefully and at length. And here’s what finally occurred to me. “

  • ‘Doctor Who’ thing of the day: strange and magnificent map of the TARDIS
  • – “OK, already linked to this in comments on another thread, but this is super wonderful”

  • Coalition's Cyber-Safety policy: mostly harmless
  • – “The third proposal is aimed squarely at cyber-bullying, one of the real risks children face online. Just like airline safety, cyber-safety is prone to having its risks exaggerated. A literature review conducted about Australian cyber-safety issues concluded that “prevalence rates of less than 10% in Australia have been reported,” a figure lower than in similar countries overseas. More importantly, any detailed research into the subject makes it plain that cyber-bullying is just one facet of bullying in general; it’s the same kids being bullied by the same peers both offline and online. Unlike politicians who grew up in the 60s, young people today don’t see a distinction between their online lives and their lives. Therefore, a dedicated cyber-bullying policy is probably doomed to fail as an attempt to patch one small symptom of a larger problem.”

  • Big Bonuses on Wall Street are Killing America*
  • – “According to research by economists, sociologists, and psychologists, for challenging cognitive tasks, large rewards means worse performance. So all of those GIANT bonuses going to workers on Wall Street are not necessary for the health of our economy, they may actually be hurting it.”

  • BBC apologizes to University of East Anglia
  • – “the BBC has apologized for falsely stating that UEA researchers had “distorted the debate about global warming to make the threat seem even more serious than they believed it to be”. The BBC offers the excuse “that this was a live programme being put together under the pressure of events”, which is fair enough, except that it has taken over nine months to make this simple correction, for which, surely, there is no excuse”

  • SMBC: Women in Mathematics
  • – Yupsighyup

  • 2010 Social Networking Map
  • – “A great 2010 update from Flowtown’s Ethan Bloch of the (in)famous XKCD Map of Online Communities.”

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  1. Thanks for the Women’s Glib link!

  2. You’re welcome, Miranda – thanks for the article!

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