Ouch ouch ouch ouch

an exray showing a skeleton bent over in pain with a hand over their lower back

Image source: BBC

My back still hurts. I’m spending the day in a Mackenzie posture on the couch, with very intermittent checking of the internets only. I don’t even have the energy to crosspost this Star Wars thing I put up earlier at LP.

So, over to you lot – open thread Monday it is.

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  1. owww, sore back is nasty! lots of sympathy and virtual hotpack/icepack/therapy-of-choice

    • @peta, I’m experiencing even greater respect/sympathy than I had already for those folks who deal with pain/immobility like this all the time.
      @Chally, the equation of technological advance with social progress is so commonplace, isn’t it? I’ve only dabbled in anthro, but the ways in which some non-industrial societies deal with fluid social roles and mutual responsibilities impresses the hell out of me.
      Also, intimacy+Twitter sounds like something that would make a fascinating longform blog post, if you want to share the highlights with your readers sometime!

  2. I hope it improves soon, tigtog!!
    Well I myself have been getting lots of responses over the last few days for the Sydney feminist blogger/reader meet-up, so that’s quite exciting. Let me know if the togster’s coming (when you can, no rush), tigtog, if so I want to show him my new Doctor Who t-shirt :D. Apart from that, ummmm, just finishing an essay for Gender Studies about intimacy and Twitter, which has proved interesting. I kept getting distracted by Twitter while writing it, though! I’ve been having a bit of a rubbish time since Thursday in some respects, so I am treating myself sitting here nursing a hot chocolate while waiting for my anthro lecture to start. We’ve got a really good lecturer, but in the tutorials students keep referring to “primitive” people/cultures. I think I’m going to have a righteous rant when it’s my turn to run the tutorial.
    Such is my contribution to the Monday open thread!

  3. Sending much sympathy your way. I hope the day on the couch helps.

  4. Yes rather!

    Re: my essay, maybe I will, thanks for the thought. 🙂

  5. Tigtog – Ouch, I hope you feel better soon!
    Chally – I would be very interested in reading that blog post. Sounds fascinating.
    I’m in a good mood today because I’ve just heard that a friend of mine has got funding to do a Phd. I’m really proud of her.

  6. Hope you’re feeling better today 🙂

  7. Sending thoughts of hot- or cold-pads (whichever works for you).


    • Thanks for all the good wishes, all. A few days of very careful attention to posture in all orientations, plus some Mackenzie exercises, anti-inflammatories and rest, seem to have cleared the worst of it. I’m still moving gingerly, but I’m not in constant pain any longer.

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