The latest mash note to Abbott from the Murdoch stable

Quicklink: David Flint in The PunchThe Tony Abbott I know.

Photo used to illustrate the David Flint article in the Punch - caption says "committed, principled, loyal"

Couldn't The Punch find a shot with a halo? | Photo by Ray Strange

It is a fact that the camera treats people differently from real life. An advertising friend tells me the camera loves some faces- he points to some models who he says are less attractive in real life.

The camera does two things to Tony – it draws attention to his ears, and it doesn’t transmit his charisma, which is formidable.

We were going to lunch so we walked a few blocks to a restaurant. Although he was not yet a public figure, several people greeted him in the street. I could not fail to notice the walk – which with an obviously athletic body could only be described as unmistakably masculine. Indeed Tony must be the most masculine and athletic of Australia’s politicians, and not boringly so. I have often thought that had he been on the left he would be the media’s pin up boy.

Flint’s basic premise (besides the mighty attractiveness of Tony that threatens to overwhelm him) is that Abbott has been misrepresented. If so, I propose that most of that “misrepresentation” has come out of his very own mouth.

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  1. Wow. Uhm… Not even touching the glowing language used to describe Tony Abbott’s apparently amazing physicality *cough*. What does it matter how charismatic he is? There are plenty of charismatic people in the world that are horrible, horrible people, and plenty more who are a terrible choice for leader of a free nation.
    Tony Abbott is one of the latter for certain.

  2. Hitler: well-known for his charisma.
    Putin: also much with the muscular physique and ‘ruggedness’.
    Your point, Flint: that Tony Abbott is some sort of cross between Hitler and Putin?

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