Week 5 Election Reader – August 17, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. Please treat this as an Open Election Thread

  • If Bram Stoker wrote the 2010 Australian election campaign
  • – Miss Darkwood for benevolent Dictator!

  • The death of the internet filter
  • – “Labor, the fundies are not your friends. Every time you flirt with them, you lose. Learn your lesson.”

  • Delusion and delay
  • – “Truly this election is the most depressing I can recall in forty years. If there has been one in our history where both parties have so thoroughly dodged the issues, I’m not aware of it.”

  • Election 2010: Day 32 (or, the cost, the benefit and the profit)
  • – “Well today a few things happened – the debate debate continued, Tony Abbott tried to give us a reason to vote for him and couldn’t, the Liberals released an infrastructure plan that involved bonds which apparently do not constitute debt and Malcolm Turnbull became the shadow Communications Minister.”

  • Respecting beliefs and the right to opinions
  • – “I doubt that anyone, actually, respects ALL beliefs. There may be other measures besides internal consistency, and if you have some other rule of thumb, let me know. If you think you respect all beliefs, I suspect I either don’t believe you, or don’t respect your beliefs.

    Incidentally, this was sparked by my utter disrespect for Tony Abbott. I have no idea what his beliefs are, since he changes them so often it makes my head spin.”

  • Tony Abbott likes government debt
  • – “So, let me get this straight. Federal government debt is bad, but state governments will be allowed – encouraged – to issue additional debt to fund infrastructure, and will get a de facto subsidy from the Commonwealth to do so.

    Federal government debt bad. State government debt good. “

  • Piping Shrike: This is not normal
  • – “Actually a focus on issues, or rather lack of them has only highlighted how odd this campaign is.”

  • Presumably Jesus wants them for sunbeams instead
  • – Another Abbott effort at Muscular Christianity which reminds one of the Gandhi quote

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  1. I’m noticing a pattern in today’s op-eds – after the last 4 and 1/2 weeks where the media has concentrated totally on a soap opera narrative, NOW they’re complaining about the lack of policy depth offered by both sides in this campaign.
    So, correct me if I’m wrong, but what I’m seeing is the media saying to the pollies “we’ll ignore every attempt you make to communicate policy for weeks, and then we’ll tell the voters that it’s your fault rather than ours”.
    What a farce.

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