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The information in plain text follows.

The Australian Election 2010 Infographic

Some inconvenient facts to dispel right wing misinformation

Number of ‘boat people’ arriving:

2,750 Under Kevin Rudd Labor Government 2009

5,516 Under John Howard Coalition Government 2001


Government debt for Australia versus the G7 nations

Percent of GDP as net debt (approximate values from chart)

Australia: 3 percent

Canada: 30 percent

Germany: 70 percent

United Kingdom: 72 percent

France: 70 percent

USA: 60 percent

Italy: 110 percent

Japan: 140 percent

Abbott is running a scare campaign on Labor’s ‘massive debt’. It’s actually the smallest debt in the industrialised world and helped keep Australia out of recession during the Global Financial Crisis. His policies are to make cuts everywhere and not invest in infrastructure. This is a comparable strategy to playing Monopoly and saving your cash instead of buying properties.

Source: IMF World Economic Outlook April 2010. IMF Fiscal Monitor May 2010 and Treasury.

Cost of election promises so far

(as of 8th August 2010)

Labor $3.74 billion

Coalition $16.31 billion

Source: Queensland Sunday Mail 8th August 2010 Page 9

Healthcare records

Labor: Increased hospital funding by 50%

1,300 new GPs

1,000 new nurse training places

484 GP Superclinics

Tony Abbott as health minister:

Cut federal health funding by one billion dollars from 2003 to 2007

Froze GP training places despite a shortfall, and left a shortage of 6000 nurses

Sources: Sources: Parliamentary Budget Papers 03/04, Federal Hansard 18 Nov. 2009,

Education policy

Labor: $16.2 billion investment in education through the Building the Education Revolution Economic Stimulus Package

Coalition: Will scrap 1,800 trades training places

and 790,000 computers/upgrades

and $425 million Teacher Quality Program

Sources:, The Australian, 9 December 2009, The Australian, 25 May 2010,
Joe Hockey – “Coalition Savings” – National Press Club Address & Media Release – 19 May 2010

Internet Speeds

Labor: Up to 1 gigabit per second

Coalition: up to 100 megabits per second

Bear in mind that the 100MBps is an absolute maximum and that speeds will be far less in most places under Abbott’s plan.
Conversely the nature of fibreoptic networks means that Labor’s NBN will start at 1GBps but is scalable up to 1TBps and beyond – it is only the technology outside the NBN (at either end of the network) that is a limit to capacity.

Some quotes from Tony Abbott

“Climate change is absolute crap” March 2008

“Paid maternity leave over this government’s dead body” July 2002

“The Howard Government’s industrial legislation, it was good for wages, it was good for jobs, and it was good for workers. And let’s never forget that.” March 2008

“I probably feel a bit threatened (by homosexuality)” March 2010

In summation

Tony Abbott is an arrogant, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, backwards, right wing theocratic imbecile living in the 1950s who looks awful in speedos. Please don’t vote for him.

You can help us all to wake up on August 22nd with Australia’s first elected female Prime Minister instead of Big-ears the Self-important Jerk by sharing this infographic with as many humans as you can. Facebook it, email it, transcribe it onto public toilet walls, etc.


Creative Commons.

[via an anonymous source… but it’s all sourced in the graphic.]

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  1. Nice work, whoever put that together. Now I wish someone would do one for NZ (unfortunately I’m unable to).

  2. Shared. Good stuff!

  3. This needs to be spread far and wide.
    Interestingly, the first time I saw this, a few days ago, the “doctor” figure was coded as male and the “nurse” figure as female. Kudos to whomever switched them around.

  4. Beppie: The infographic author adjusted the graphic a little in response to feedback. Kudos, deffo.

  5. Thanks fot this compilation, kudos to the originator.
    I heartily endorse the comment that this be spread as far and as wide as possible, cos the MSM won’t do it.
    Put it up at LP perhaps?

  6. Nice. Although Labor’s infrastructure investment in education is totally overshadowed by Gillard’s attacks on teachers, the commoditisation of education through measures like MySchool and Labor’s continuation of John Howard’s increased private school funding.
    ‘Twas good for the economy though, perhaps it ought to be under “Economy”.

  7. Wow i am impressed. Why doesn’t Labor use graphs like this in their advertising campaigning…
    Send it to her wall please
    and thanks for this

  8. Im wondering what the hell the Australian media are doing?
    I mean, i know that all the commercial media outlets have been working hard campaigning for the Libs, but why aren’t the ABC, SBS or the Labor party themselves getting this out there?
    This really has turned my humors from sanguine to bilious!

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