Gratuitous fansquee: Manta do the Dr Who theme

From an episode of Spicks and Specks last month:

Open fansquee thread for anything you can connect to the Whoniverse or Spicks and Specks. Go for it.

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  1. Who where when?

  2. And on things Time warpy and Spicks & Specksy

  3. Oh yes, I loved the Richard O’Brien ep.
    For anyone who’s been missing David Tennant, here’s a nice fan tribute vid saying goodbye to his 10th Doctor:

  4. Also, if anyone in Sydney wants to see a Spicks and Specks regular Tommy Dean in a laidback afternoon comedy show, they should book a seat for Wit Large at Gleebooks next Saturday.

  5. I totally want to start a podcast with that as the opening theme.

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