It’s Carnival Time! Submit your August feminist posts now.

As Chally says at the Down Under Feminists Carnival site, it’s Carnival time!:

It’s almost the end of August…

And, as such, time for you to send in your posts for the next edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival, as hosted by caitlinate at The Dawn Chorus. Send in your submissions through the blogcarnival form or, if you can’t access that, email caitlinate at caitlin.ate [at] gmail [dot] com. Submissions must be of posts of feminist interest by writers from Australia and New Zealand that were published in August. Submissions are due on 2 September at the latest, but it’s easier on hosts if you do it sooner rather than later.

It’s going to be a very exciting edition, what with the Australian federal election having happened this month (though let’s not discount it continuing into September…). Alas, we’re running short on posts so far. I’ve submitted eighteen myself (BECAUSE I’M HARDCORE ABOUT BEING COORDINATOR) but apart from that? You want to know how many non-spam submissions there have been? Four. Make things easier on poor caitlinate and I and submit early! and! often! Now, get submitting before I glare at you with my laser eyes and make a sad face and take away your chocolate.

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  1. You want to know how many non-spam submissions there have been? Four.

    Well, at risk of being sent to the naughty corner, I have to say this. The last time a post of mine appeared in a carnival it was not submitted by me (I don’t know who submitted it).
    Further, I was not impressed to find that also included in that same carnival was a post that was actually attacking the one of mine that had been submitted (by someone other than me). I don’t know if this was a deliberate mean joke at my expense, or an honest oversight but it did kind of go against the spirit of the carnival as well as principles of social inclusion. Sure put me off the whole thing.

  2. Or maybe, here’s a thought, presenting an opposing viewpoint actually is just presenting an opposing viewpoint, not a “mean joke”, and someone disagreeing with you isn’t an “attack”, it’s just someone disagrees with your opinion.
    Because as we all know, there’s not just one way of doing feminism.
    I’ve never submitted a post of mine either, but I’m always pleased when they’re included.

  3. Take it somewhere else, please, people.

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