Femmostroppo “Back from Holidays” Reader – October 17, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed.What did I miss? Please share what you’ve been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Women’s rights are divisive wedge issues
  • – “This is a very twisted, fundamentalist misogynist – and he’s not the only one running for office as a Tea Party candidate. And while they may seem like outliers who don’t really have an impact on American life, it’s foolish to take that for granted. These people are mainstreaming ideas that up until recently were on the fringes of right wing discussion. It wasn’t long ago, after all, that the idea that women at least have a right not to bear their rapist father’s child was considered to be only common sense. A ban on all abortions, regardless of reason, is now on the mainstream menu.”

  • Sex Education Is A Political Act.
  • – Bullet points:
    * What you are told about sex is a political act.
    * Who opposes sex education? Who gains from opposing it?
    * What are the results of no sex education?
    * Who you will become is determined by what you learn about your body. ( “I don’t think about politics” – but politics is thinking about you.)
    * Someone has to teach those who have yet to learn

  • Hard or soft wired?
  • – “People get very worked up if you suggest that it might not be true that the having or not having of a Y chromosome in and of itself actually affects much about our personalities, our patterns of thought and our entertainment preferences. On the other hand, some other people get equally worked up if you suggest that some of these things might, in fact, have some hard wired component. Very few people seem to take the position that I feel is closest to the truth: that we have absolutely no idea how much, if any, of our gender identity is hard wired.

    I think we should proceed on the basis that we have no idea. What would such a strategy involve? It would be pretty straightforward – you’d offer kids toys of all kinds, but not insist that they play with toys of all kinds. If the girl likes “girl” toys, so be it. If the boy likes girl toys, equally cool. If the kid likes a little from column A and a little from column B, also fine. We don’t need to bring our kids up gender neutral, we need to bring them up gender accepting.”

  • Treating children like fools and ignoring realities of life trick to making authority figures feel smug
  • – “Sanctimonious pricks have discovered that by “hiding” disgusting fatty foods of the devil instead of outright banning them they can pretend to be Promoting Healthy Choices and avoid being labelled as food-fascists at the same time.”

  • Achieving excellence in abortion care (not)
  • – Guest poster Caroline de Costa on Croakey: “While I appreciate that all this was an integral part of the legal process that had been inevitably set in train by the initial police prosecution, I am appalled at the humiliation inflicted on this woman. Can the Queensland Premier and her government really believe that this was necessary, that the law should have been allowed to “run its course”, that the police and legal system do not have better things to do?”

  • The best of the rest of the internet
  • – Linkfest from Musings of an Inappropriate Woman

  • Religious people, I’m on your side
  • – “I know that sometimes it seems that I’m not all that sympathetic to religious people and their various concerns. As an agnostic who believes in government and religion being kept quite separate, it’s not surprising that we sometimes have disputes.

    But today, prompted by a typically thought-provoking post by Fred Clark, I’d like to say something to our friends of faith: I’m on your side.”

  • Economics Of Needs And Limits
  • – “ENL responds to a glaring omission in the history of economic thought. Over the past five centuries economics has almost exclusively meant the study of production and consumption under capitalism. This is true across the political spectrum. On the right it was used to justify capital’s rule and to facilitate business. On the left it probed the system’s internal structure in order to pave the way for socialism. Except for a few gleams of light, the discipline has never sought a method for determining rational economic objectives, based on a stated goal. That is: What outputs should an economy produce, and at what quantities? What should be the target rates of resource utilization, waste flows, and habitat destruction? What should be the target population level? ENL adopts the goal of sustainable well-being and helps analysts formulate answers to these and other questions.”

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