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I figured Boganette could do with a bit of light relief from her position as inadvertent heart of a Twitterstorm (That Shall Not Be Otherwise Mentioned In This Thread*, because then it wouldn’t be light relief at all). So I hereby present her with a classic image of Wrestling Diva Torrie Wilson in action.

A poster picture of Wrestling Diva Torrie Wilson about to slam another wrestler to the mat - we see Torrie in full face but only see the back of the other wrestler's head and foreshortened torso as she levels off to horizontal

Torrie Wilson in action

I also found this pic a few days ago and have been looking for an excuse to post it, so I’m not at all sure that Boganette is especially into puppies or kittens, but I heart this, so this is for me.

A black and white kitten on a white tablecloth next to a teacup and saucer is touching noses with a wrinkly puppy who is, for some reason, sitting inside a teapot


What bits of fluff and/or awesome do others find useful for light relief from the travails of the Internets?

* Those who do want to discuss said Twitterstorm on HaT are welcome to do it on this recent linkfest post where it was referenced.

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  1. Torrie!!!!!
    Thank-you. You’re awesome. And that did make me feel better about everything. I do love kittehs and puppies but not as much as I love Torrie Wilson, Nattie Neidhart and Beth Phoenix.

  2. This one time, I touched Nidia’s butt…
    Oh oh, and Molly Holly was awesome too! And Victoria! *sigh* I miss Trish and Lita…

  3. I don’t follow the WWE etc closely, but every now and then I do like to catch a bit of live stunt action glossily packaged in a cheesy narrative. It’s like a condensed action-hero flick!

  4. My light relief (and I know nothing about the Twitterstorm yet – will followup) is just about any PC game. Let me rule the world as a benevolent dictator in any of the Civilisation franchises, or shoot aliens (though I’m not a FPS fan), or bitch endlessly about casual misogyny and maleness as default in various games while playing them (“It’d be so much better if there was ONE female option here”).
    But yes, gaming… when blogging, reading blogs and other lifestyle elements permit… or I just ignore the interwebs entirely and game… because I deserve it.

  5. Found some Beth Phoenix shots.

    I’m amazed by how the glamour shots of these marvellous athletes nearly always want to make them appear less athletic, less muscular. What the hell is up with that?

  6. Oh you should see the WWE’s new batch of wrestlers. They’re called “Divas” and most of them can’t wrestle. It’s quite sad. They don’t make them like they used to. They got rid of Mickie James (apparently because they thought she was fat) and Serena (who had a shaved head but never got to wrestle) and all the other wrestlers who were talented but didn’t look like the ‘new divas’. Now it’s just models who they’ve tried to teach to wrestle. Beth is injured so she hasn’t been around for quite a while – she’s the only muscular Diva left and by far the strongest. They might have let her go. The only other really good one is Nattie. She can wrestle. But they’ll likely let her go soon as well since she’s not tiny enough or blonde enough. The days of Trish, Torrie, Lita etc and mixed wrestling are long gone. They’ve just had a show to get new Divas and it’s been pretty horrific. The “challenges” to pick the best wrestler have included riding a mechanical bull and playing musical chairs and the oft-repeated “dance off”. It’s rather sad. But I’m sure nobody wants to here me rant about the glory days of female wrestling. All I really need to say to prove my point is they had a match that included an ironing board at a pay-per-view a few months ago. Sigh.

  7. Oh and they introduced Miss Wrestlemania and that – for a second – gave me hope. Until it was won by a joke-wrestler in a dress. Looooong way to go.

  8. Boganette, not sure if you’re watching TNA at all? I haven’t watched in a while but I’m told that’s where Mickie James ended up (there’s quite a few ex-WWE and ex-WCW folks over there) and I have seen a few of the women’s matches which were all pretty awesome.

  9. I’m also appalled at your twitter treatment but can’t comment on your blog as I’m resisting signing up to … another thing i have to sign up for, which I see as just another set of data points about me to be misused, but may be wrong. Anyhoo it has reminded me that I was going to blogroll you, so I’m going off to do that!

  10. (Meaning Atom commenting, not Boganette, acourse!)

  11. Jennifer – we don’t get TNA in NZ. I would be interested in watching since I hear their womens division is pretty strong. And it includes (or did include) Awesome Kong until she punched someone (like a real punch not a wrestling punch). I know Mickie James has signed on with TNA so that was another reason why I wanted to watch – but yeah, no coverage.
    Helen – do you mean my blog? Because you shouldn’t have to sign in there?

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