Friday Hoyden: Eartha Kitt wants to be evil

The Eartha Kitt fan club has a lyrics transcript, which is especially notable for showing both the lyrics she’s singing here and the “official” lyrics, which are much more tame. I think my favourite verse is this:
Eartha Kitt - screencap from a performance of I Wanna Be Evil

And in the theatre
I want to change my seat
Just so I can step on
Everybody’s feet

h/t The Hathor Legacy

Bonus: of course a song this awesome has been adapted for the purpose of fansquee – here’s a slideshow of screen villains who make one tisreina want to be evil! (It would be fun if somebody were to do a similar effort with villainous women characters.)

Which screen villains? Various as played by Sean Bean, Richard Armitage, Jason Isaacs, Alan Rickman, Rutger Hauer, Keanu Reaves, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Butler, and more.

Bonus bonus (because this is what happens when you google stuff): a photo of Eartha Kitt and James Dean in dance class (and here’s another one).

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  1. That song is in my playlist, I absolutely love it. 😀 Eartha has always enthralled me as a performer, whether she was in some 80s fantasy flick or Batman or whatever!

  2. This is pure delight. I especially love her expressions throughout the song, particularly the way she bares her teeth at the “you’re sweet, my dear” line. How many of us know EXACTLY what that’s like?

  3. That was so cool. I’ve only heard some version sung by a man before, this was at least 20x better.

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