Femmostroppo Reader November 7, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed-reader. What did I miss? Please share what you’ve been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Jill Clayburgh: Breaking Boundaries for Women On Screen
  • – Vale Jill Clayburgh

  • Better yet, DON’T write that novel – Laura Miller – Salon.com
  • – “Writers have a reputation for being tormented by their lot, probably because they’re always moaning so loudly about how hard it is, but it’s the readers who are fragile, a truly endangered species. They don’t make a big stink about how underappreciated they are; like Tinkerbell or any other disbelieved-in fairy, they just fade away.

    Rather than squandering our applause on writers — who, let’s face it, will keep on pounding the keyboards whether we support them or not — why not direct more attention, more pep talks, more nonprofit booster groups, more benefit galas and more huzzahs to readers? Why not celebrate them more heartily? They are the bedrock on which any literary culture must be built. After all, there’s not much glory in finally writing that novel if it turns out there’s no one left to read it.”

  • The First Step Is Admitting the Problem
  • – “Sometimes people fail to support you because they do understand the legislation and don’t like it.

    And there’s still no evidence that reality is penetrating the rampart of arrogance that has been built around this White House.

    Because they still aren’t listening.”

  • Truthout About Kyriarchy: An Open Letter to “Feminist” Writers, Bloggers, and Journalists
  • – “The purpose and measure of kyriarchy – and feminism in general – is not to increase our time at the microphone so we can more accurately assign BLAME. ”

  • Victim Threatens Suicide After Plans For Alleged Rapist to Directly Question Her In Court
  • – “And I cannot find a way to justify having this persistent threat exist as a condition of pressing charges against one’s abuser. Witness intimidation is illegal. And the problem is that when representing one’s self means the right to question one’s alleged victim, such a setup comes much to close to precisely that.”

  • Defining Feminism
  • – “More generally, I’m not sure that definitions of feminism should be grounded on the current pecking order in one particular country.”

  • Feminism is no longer about sexism at all
  • – “It’s fascinating the extent to which women have been shamed out of even claiming a movement to address sexism. We just aren’t allowed to have that. Too strident. Too pushy.”

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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