In Things To Make You Hate The World

A text graphic with black scribble on red - text says Hate The WorldFollowing major publicity over Charlie Sheen’s latest hospitalisation following yet another “meltdown” involving a cowering woman, the ratings for his craptacular sausage-com have gone up.

I can’t entirely blame that news from last week for stopping me from posting for the last few days, but it sure didn’t help any. People suck.

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  1. There was also that announcement that his show is the favourite show of Josef Fritzl.

  2. Oh, there’s something new every day to make me hate the world. Like the other day when I saw those Northam residents shouting and screaming over the refugee camp, insinuating that these people would be violent towards the town members.

  3. The thing that bothered me about the Northam meeting was the outpouring of hate, and that guy that got up and said basically, “We Don’t Want them. They’ll steal a car and go down to Perth to join Their Kind” (Emphasis mine)

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