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FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward has just put up a farewell post:

We agreed when we began that this site wouldn’t run indefinitely, that we would move aside when the time has come, and that time has come.

It is time for FWD, in turn, to make way for the many fantastic people who have things to say that you need to know about, some of whom you can find in our blogroll. Many of the FWD contributors will continue covering disability, as well as many other issues, in a variety of venues, but our writing will no longer continue in this location. FWD/Forward itself will be maintained as an archive and resource so people can continue to access the content here, although comments will be closed.

They’ve published their own favourite posts in their “FWD Retrospective Week”, which is on their recommended reading tag. What were your favourite FWD posts? And which ongoing disability blogs do you particularly recommend?

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  1. Other blogs I’m enjoying in my reader that sometimes treat disability topics: this ain’t livin’ (FWD, among its many other virtues, introduced me to s.e. smith’s writing), The View From Down Here, Marf Mom and of course Chally at Zero at the Bone.
    I don’t know that I can quickly gather a full FWD appreciation linkfest, but I’ll hopefully toss a few of my favourites into this thread over the next week or so.

  2. It’s sad to see it go, but I am happy that it introduced me to a lot of “new” (as in, new to me) writing, and that I can still keep following those writers wherever they might be.

  3. Oh, forgetting my manners – Thank you, FWD!

  4. FWD taught me a great deal, especially about where I didn’t even realise I had some baggage needing unpacking.
    Thanks, FWD.

  5. I’ll miss new posts from FWD, it was a great blog. I’m glad it’ll be an archive, though, it’s handy to be able to point people there when I can’t be arsed explaining something 101 to them.

  6. I liked the Dear Imprudence posts and also the Ableist Word profile posts. Although the blog was not necessarily to educate CAB’s, it did a lot of that as well for which I am grateful.

  7. Congratulations to the FWD crew for a quite amazing achievement. I know it’s had its ups and downs, but your contribution to the progressive blogosphere has been amazing. I remember FWD’s beginnings, and the hopes that you, and other people around you, had for the blog, and I think you’ve surpassed them. It will be sorely missed, of course, as a space for conversation, but it will be a very very useful archive. Given that I’ve been a little bit random in my blogosphere reading of late, I’ll have to have a think about which posts I particularly liked – though the Justified Abortion one linked to above by Mary lingers in my memory….

  8. Yes, an absolutely amazing blog. And it was thrilling to see how fast it spread across the feminist blogosphere – it came to be and suddenly everyone was talking about it and linking to it. That team really, really lifted the profile of disability rights in the feminist sphere.
    I learnt so much from those writers. Thank you to all involved.

  9. I enjoyed FWD and admire all its writers very much. They’re my heroes!

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