Otterday! And Open Thread.

Today’s otter comes via The Daily Otter.

closeup of a baby otter with a brown and white baby goat. It looks as if the otter is kissing the kid on the cheek.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Have just posted an info thread on cyclone warnings for Western Australia and Queensland.
    Take care of yourselves!

  2. Schadenfreude Fact of the Decade, methinks: Ayn Rand took government assistance while decrying others who did the same
    P.S. From comments at HuffPo – “Hypocrite Shrugged”

  3. Good luck for everyone experiencing weather.
    I bought a brand new Latin dictionary today.
    This week’s words to use in conversation:
    Merops: bee-eater
    munerigerulus: bringer of presents
    Asparagus: asparagus

  4. I think that I could probably manage to squeeze asparagus in sometime this week 😉

  5. From
    If you know anyone in Egypt, please pass this on to them. To bypass government blocking of websites, use numerical IP addresses: Twitter ”” Fb ”” Google ””. A French ISP offers free dial up internet access ~ +33 1 72 89 01 50 Login password: toto. Please pass this on and share.
    Original post:

  6. Thanks Helen – I have tweeted and Facebooked it on multiple accounts

  7. Speaking of twitter, and on a lighter note, Eddie Izzard just tweeted that he is:

    In the Graffiti Bar in Puerto Rico with Danny Mays & Phil Glenister & Jan Haydn Rowles & Tom Beanland. We are all filming Treasure Island

    That sounds like a great big romp of a cast.

  8. Choosing a new name is hard when you’re postmodernist and don’t believe you have a real true self. You’re limited to cultural references or quips.
    Does anyone have advice on how to deal with a bullying cat? Quo Vadis has been hatin’ on the others lately and beating them up daily. He’s always been the dominant kitty, but never so aggressive or violent.

  9. Has something changed lately? Or he could be unwell and getting cranky. The only thing I can think of is letting the other cats have somewhere they can go to escape him, a safe room type thingy. Hope it all resolves itself soon.

  10. Guilty Rabbit looks guilty.

    im steelin som ur foodz k thx bai

  11. No, it wasn’t, I just liked it and thought that it wasn’t on topic for Cheezburger so I would put it in the Otterday open thread. I just love [what I perceive to be] the “oh shit I’ve been caught” look in its eyes. I can imagine that it just slowly withdrew with bikkie and pretended that nothing had ever happened.

  12. On Twitter again – I just switched to New twitter and can’t tweet any more with my ancient browser. Can’t update ancient browser because of ancient OS. Can’t update ancient OS b/c disc drive broken. So that’s it from me as far as Twitter goes if anyone wonders why I’ve gone quiet. Until I get new disc drive / computer but spending money on myself is not on cards at the moment.

    • I realise that some of the web-clients for Twitter that allow you to monitor multiple accounts at a time might be just as Ajaxed as the new Twitter and thus no use to you, but have you given any a go?
      Seesmic Web looks good, if your OS/Browser can handle it (I use their desktop client) –

  13. Thanks TT. In another bizarre development Chez banging-rocks-together-version OS, I have since rebooted, and old twitter is back. WTF?!
    You know, I’m starting to flirt with the idea of a PC netbook of some kind! Slap me somebody… but they’re so… affordable!! Hubs will only buy Mac, and I get why, but they cost bloody thousands! Will check out eBay, also.

  14. Helen, my sweetie’s been pointing out to me for a while now that some netbooks are about $300 (tiny, yes, but still) and you can, of course, now run OSX on ‘em. That’s a saving of however many thousands of dollars I don’t even know, because my mind starts to boggle. There’s a longevity (both in hardware and in my aesthetic sensibilities ;-)) argument in favour of macs, but I too am considering doing the PC thing.
    The other day, after a fit of gaming, I looked up prices for the *most* spectacular PC laptop for gaming. $2000. US$, but still. I’m contemplating getting an iPad and a PC in the next round of computer purchasing. I might regret it – I’ve had my Macbook pro since, oh, 2007 or something, and it’s still going reasonably well, although I’m starting to grump about the RAM, video card and a lack of HD space. But again, given that it’s the grumps that are mostly pushing me toward buying a new one, maybe it’s a sign I need to give in to a more regular turnover, if I want to keep up (you know, ish – I’m not fanatical about it, but Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be released at some point in the future (sweet FSM willing), and I suspect I will preorder it!) with hardware development…

  15. Wow, I remember Oolong the bunny from 2000 or so. Gosh I’m old.
    @Helen I think Ye Olde Twyttr is hanging around for a few months, but then everyone’s going to be converted to new cyborg bodies twitter after that. At least, that’s what the little box says whenever I log in.
    @Mindy Fortunately the hot weather has caused the hellcat to melt into a large orange puddle. He can’t do much damage now, except maybe to the carpet.

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