Friday Hoyden: Kim Clijsters made of awesome

Kim Clijsters talks to Tood Woodbridge

Kim Clijsters chats to Todd Woodbridge after the match © Ben Solomon/ Tennis Australia

What if, every time a woman was called fat, she laughed?

So tweeted Margot Magowan to sum up the awesomeness that was Kim Clijsters this week, calling out Todd Woodbridge for his snide efforts at fat-shaming.

Read all about it at Megan’s blog: ReelGirl star of the week: Kim Clijsters

Wow! Outside of bad reality TV, I’ve never seen a woman on camera directly confront a man for calling her fat! Not only that, when Clijsters was speaking she seemed happy, victorious, and beautiful. Instead of being humiliated by a guy making fun of her body, Clijsters turned the shame where it belonged, on the one who made the comment instead of the recipient and that is a huge win for women.

Now watch it:

Kim Clijsters celebrating her win in the 4th round of the Australian Open

Kim Clijsters celebrates her 4th round win in the Australian Open | © Ben Solomon/ Tennis Australia

Hurrah for Kim, who has always been one of my favourite players on the circuit.

Thank you Kim for refusing to be silent about this bullshit. Woodbridge deserved to be called on it, and your grace and humour while doing so were fabulous. He appeared to take it as a deserved zinger too, and a lesson well taught, so good on him as well.

Thank you too to Margot, for highlighting this episode (and for getting it picked up by Ms.)

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4 replies

  1. Ah, thanks for highlighting this incident – don’t watch sport so it had passed me by. Love this story and the footage is fantastic.

  2. win and WIN!

  3. And now she’s won the Aussie Open title for the first time – woohoo!
    I hadn’t realised that her retro green tennis outfit is a tribute to Evonne Goolagong Cawley; (whose win at Wimbledon in 1980 was last time a mother won a grand slam title (eta:before Kim’s efforts over the last 17 months, not just here at the Aussie Open)).

  4. @tigtog – MOAR win! I am loving this woman too.

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