Thursday Cheezburger – Luv

Today’s theme is: Luv. It’s make Hallmark a fortune Valentine’s Day soon.

we see the face of one grey tabby cat and its white paws, and suddenly realise that it's cuddling another grey tabby cat - the patterns in their fur merge
Ai’m addicted to ur snuggles

super closeup of a large snail on a flat polished surface - a very very tiny snail is next to it and touching its face with whatever it is those poky antennae things are called

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2 replies

  1. Of course I love you. If we were on a sinking ship with only one life vest I’d miss you heaps and think of you often.

    Cats leave pawprints on our hearts. And anywhere else they feel might be inconvenient for us.

  2. i’s wurkin’ hird … lukin’ 4 luv

    i luf lamp

    Iz gona lurv em & sqeez em …an nurm em George

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