Thursday Cheezburger – Spy Kitteh

Today’s theme is: Spy Kittehs

a large tabby cat sits on a chair, wearing a mask - the mask is of a cat's face
Spy Kitteh not very good at disgieses

a black cat and a white cat are leaping around in the garden aggressively
Spycat versus Spycat

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5 replies

  1. Spy kitteh waiting silently in disguise

    I spy lolcat

  2. Stealth Kitty 1 to Home Base: It’s frickin cold. Over.

    I think there’s a spy among us…

  3. Activating secret room door

    itteh bitteh kitteh committehs secret base discoverd

  4. “I think there’s a spy among us…” thats funny as

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