A room full of computers with a whiteboard/projector screen front and centreI am spending most of this week in a room like this, so the last thing I want to do when I get home is spend *more* time on the ‘puter. Which makes posting tricksie.

So, in no particular order:

  • Happy belated St David’s Day for all those of Welsh heritage. I wonder if John Jenkins decorated his house again this year? (probably forever known now to his neighbours in Abergavenny as Jenkins The Daffs).
  • On the carbon price: briefly, the ALP moving away from any polluter-pays programs last election was what sealed the deal on them not getting my vote. I don’t care about semantics on whether it was a lie or just a change of mind in changing circumstances; in any case platform promises based on the contingency of winning a majority have to be reweighed when one negotiates as a minority for forming government, surely? Whatever – I’m just happy to see a market mechanism at last.
  • The call for a National Disability Insurance program: this would hit the news this week! I haven’t had time to read up about it at all, so would appreciate some pointers as to where I should be looking to get good information. This summary at OLO by Naomi Anderson is a decent primer – but it doesn’t tell me much in terms of specifics.

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  1. Why are you locked in a room with a blank screen and computers and empty chairs? 😉

    • Duh. Because I haz been BADZ.
      I’m learning many useful things, but screen fatigue is a real hazard.

      • Have to share: one of my fellow attendees is from Christchurch, she’d already booked the course, and since she can’t live in her house at the moment anyway, decided she might as well go through with it. After the suitable sympathies, I asked about their mayor, and how he’s seemed so impressive on the telly, and whether he’s generally considered impressive, or does he just rise to the occasion in a crisis (and of course people don’t want to choose politicians based on crisis recovery skills, because we don’t want to expect crises). She told me what I’m sure Google also would have done: he used to be a game show host, which means I now understand how he doesn’t let the media sidetrack him from his planned messages, and she agrees that he’s good at letting people know what they need to know right now. She’s not much of a fan otherwise, which led somehow straight into a sotto voce rant about preferential voting versus FPTP voting systems – she seemed to think that preferential voting is what leads inexorably to parties having to form minority governments in coalition (!).
        Well, I swallowed all the complicated stuff that leapt to mind about possible benefits of situational coalitions moderating extremist policies on all sides, and just quietly mentioned that England, with a longstanding FPTP voting system, just had to form a coalition government not so long ago, so maybe it wasn’t so much about which voting system was in operation and was really more just about whether a party could or could not get a majority of the seats? She then asked me what I thought of Gillard, and I said I was glad to see her returning to stronger policies on polluter-pays. I was as mild as I could possibly be, but she’s avoided me since then 😦

  2. Are you playing bingo? I’m not sure what the latest tech speak is.

  3. Mindy, I was learning how to use some financial management software for our self-managed superannuation fund. Which is pretty much as eye-glazing as it sounds.
    Useful, definitely. Scintillating blog post material? Not so much.

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