Femmostroppo Reader March 16, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Digital Culture Links: March 14th 2011
  • – from TamaLeaver

  • Our government’s failure to act on Libya an indictment on us as individuals
  • – “Which is it – do we advocate for representative democracy we’ve as yet failed to achieve for ourselves; or do we have it, but just don’t really care what happens to them?”

  • Noise Vs Signal
  • – “There is a creeping conspiracy in television news of people standing in front of charts, taking the daily temperature – of meteorology, of markets and of members of parliament – and trying to persuade us that it all means something.”

  • I Haven’t Done This Much Notetaking Since College: A Report From #SXSW
  • – “Hello from vivacious Austin! I’ve just wrapped up two days of panels and events and already I’ve seen some amazing things. Here are the two best events I’ve attended so far:”

  • Where are all the linkspams? (14th March, 2011)
  • – roundup from GeekFeminism

  • Only sub-human
  • – ” please be advised that henceforth at I Blame the Patriarchy it will be necessary to discuss femininity without holding another painful referendum on transgenderism. On this post, as is my prerogative, I have allowed two or three stray comments on the topic for the purpose of clarifying my own views, but the party is over. If transphobic comments appear while I am away from my desk, they will be deleted when I get back; the commenters will be banned.”

  • School funding Inquiry
  • – “Back in April 2010, when she was Education Minister, Julia Gillard commissioned an enquiry into School Funding in Australia. They are asking for submissions by 31 March, and my friend JV has suggested that I join her in making a submission. I thought I’d post some of my initial thoughts here, to see if my readers have any useful comments to add.”

  • Cardinal folly
  • – “Instead of a tiresome recitation of Ayers’ qualifications on the topic and Pell’s lack of same, I’ll look on the bright side. “

  • What if they were right?
  • – “Nobody ever asks the people who demand obedience to cruel parts of their religious writings just why we should obey such strictures, if they don’t make sense. Say you’re completely right, and God has indeed laid down these laws – why should we obsequiously do His dirty work for Him? It doesn’t really matter whether it’s divinely endorsed or not: cruelty is cruelty, and it’s wrong.”

  • Bullying sucks
  • – “Every so often one of those Facebook status spams annoys me enough that I can’t keep ignoring it.”

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