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After watching the news this morning I needed some cheer, so I clicked through to this video of my favourite flash mob effort: Do Re Mi Dance in Antwerp Central Station. Enjoy.

Video description: commuters are moving through the main atrium of a very large railway station. We can hear announcements. Suddenly the announcements are drowned out by a very professional sound system playing “Do Re Mi” from the movie soundtrack of The Sound of Music. The commuters look puzzled. Then a man starts dancing to the music. A young girl joins in. Then a few more people start to dance, and we realise this is a choreographed routine. As the song plays on, more and more people start to join the dancing, some arriving down staircases but others being bystanders who “suddenly” join in and just “happen” to know all the proper steps. The onlookers become more and more visibly delighted. By the end of the song, there are approximately 200 dancers taking up the entire central square of the atrium. When the song ends, the onlookers loudly applaud and the dancers just pick up their belongings and walk away as if nothing happened.

The Ad Class, an advertising analysis site, has more information about this particular promotional flash mob effort.

Anyone got some unicorn chasers to share?

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  1. Maybe everyone has seen it, but just in case:
    Laughing Baby Ripping Paper
    (Video description: a somewhat dimly lit video of a nine-month old baby in a romper suit, seated on the floor. A man mostly out of shot is ripping into large bits of newspaper in pieces and hands the baby one half of the paper to finish tearing away. The baby rips the paper and each time laughs with total glee, including at times falling sideways with laughter.)
    I tried so hard to get my own baby to do this but he just didn’t think it was funny. He thinks being lifting onto our heads (so his abdomen rests on the crown of our heads) is funny.

  2. Just watched this, and it brought quite a smile to my face. Good way to get over the trauma of a visit to the dentist.

  3. Thank you for the Laughing Baby Ripping Paper! I remember when my kids used to sometimes get fixed on something for the LOLs like that. It changed day by day though – they’d fall about laughing one day, and the next day you’d try it again and they’d be “meh”.
    I like the Baby with the Devil Laugh that I found on that sidebar, too.

  4. I have a feeling all our download limit will be used up tonight as the kids watch these again and again and again. Next they will want a baby to try it on.

  5. I’ve watched this a gazillion times, but I still can’t see it without grinning the whole way through.

    • How is it exactly that my cat can distinguish the difference between a foil package containing meaty goodness for her and a foil package containing peanut brittle for me that she doesn’t get at all agitated when I’m rustling the latter?

  6. It’s not fun per se, but a welcome reminder that the world has awesome people in it: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/4/20110315/twl-burning-tanker-drama-at-petrol-stati-41f21e0.html

  7. Clearly your cat has superior intelligence tigtog. My cats operate on the assumption that if you open either the pantry or fridge you’re clearly going to produce cat food regardless of time of day or what you actually pick up. They will meow frantically for anything from carrots to cereal.

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