Little Niggles and Wisdom from the Spam filter

This post is a bit of a catch-all of things I’ve been meaning to do for a little while now.

Firstly the niggles. I read an article on weight loss the other day which quoted the trainer from the Biggest Loser – not the commando the other one. He said there was no point having rock hard abs if they were under a layer of fat and no one could see them.  I’m going to call bullshit on this. It worries me that he can’t or doesn’t differentiate between a fit fat person and an unfit fat person. It is not as if rock hard abs are just there one morning when you wake up. If they are I’d be seeking medical advice. So since they don’t appear overnight, doesn’t it occur to him that doing the excercise to achieve rock hard abs may be beneficial regardless of whether you choose to share them with the world or not. Isn’t getting fit supposed to be about health rather than appearance?

Kochie has apparently gone to Japan. Why? Unless you are trained in search and rescue are you really helping? This goes for all reporters who have rushed over there.  I have no issue with reporters living in the country or in the region and covering that country, but dashing over there just seems a little ghoulish to me.

My eldest has started catching the bus to school and this morning decided that we were taking too long and walked to the bus stop as well. I’m feeling a little surplus to requirements and it’s surprisingly lonely in the car once I have dropped youngest at daycare.

Well, there are actually less niggles than I thought. So onto Wisdom from the Spam Filter.  Spammers are getting a bit cleverer and some are even trying to come up with comments that could pass on a thread. Some are even complimentary:

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Of course when you see them repeated again and again it wears off a bit;

and some try to be on topic

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and some are just really bad:

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Feel free to share your niggles and/or any good spam or search terms you have come across lately.

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3 replies

  1. Niggles,
    I think I am fast becomming a Grumpy Old Man. I seem to have a million of them.
    The local council removing the car park from our local park, so now when “the Boy” has soccer practice or I take the dogs for a walk I have to park on the nearby street, which of course has metered parking.
    Folk who seem surprised on public transport or in the supermarket when they have to pay and then start looking for money. Why don’t they have the money ready so we do not have wait while they scrabble about?
    And now it is homework time…”the Boy” is now hungry, wants to go to the bathroom, sharpen his pencil, pat the dog…..anything but do the homework. We both know it has to be done and will get done, it is just the process that wears me out.

  2. I occasionally get some amazingly relevant spam on my post about destroying the Sun — comments that are waaaaay too on-topic to be robotic but nonetheless link back to some sort of dodgy business. If it weren’t for the link I wouldn’t even consider it spam, but I axe it all the same.
    That can’t be an efficient way to advertise, though, so I can’t help but find it a little odd…

  3. Well, if no-one can see your “rock hard abs” you might be mistaken for a disgusting fattie mcfatsauce! I mean, what if you were just walking down the street, wearing a baggy t-shirt and someone mistook the size of your ROCK HARD ABS and MAGNIFICENT MUSCULAR SHOULDERS for FAT? Then you might get locked up in one of those concentration camps that are so often espoused for fat people. Or mocked, maybe, or not be taken seriously, just like a fat person. No, obviously, the answer is to go naked at all times, to show the ROCK HARD ABS. Unless you’re fat, of course. Then you shouldn’t be seen in public for shame.

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