Femmostroppo Reader March 18, 2011

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.
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  • Gaming While Female
  • – “Here’s the thing: Men and women online are not harassed equally. Women are harassed more than men and often in nastier ways. I know that this is not something that a man might notice, unless he pretends to be a female himself. But it’s true.”

  • "I don’t like the title of that piece; I don’t think it serves Shirky’s argument. I think there are…"
  • – “here’s what I’m also not a fan of: The fact that one piece, ONE, is brought up every. single. time Shirky’s name gets mentioned, and is used to vilify him as the worst misogynist ever ever ever in the world. One piece is being used to define him. His later responses aren’t mentioned. The rest of his work typically isn’t mentioned”

  • From the Annals of Post-Racial America
  • – “Why might a white person do something like that? Well, I have my thoughts. The one that keeps floating to the surface is that perhaps Wallace has shared these thoughts with white/non-Asian friends, who confirmed her biases by nodding along in agreement…”

  • It’s the inequality
  • – “One of eleven charts at Mother Jones that explain “everything that’s wrong with America today.””

  • There’s not enough femininity on the internet, so I wrote this
  • – “It separates the men from the sex class. It’s the cornerstone of the megatheocorporatocratic oppression of women. It’s a global humanitarian crisis.

    It’s femininity!”

  • Quote of the Day
  • – “haker Mod Scott Madin, who gets the hat tip, noted in an email: “I was actually kind of shocked that any president would take shots at any member of their own administration like that.” To which I can only add: Yeah.”

  • Feminism 101: Helpful Hints for Dudes, Part 5
  • – “as part of this series, here’s a re-run of “The Terrible Bargain We Have Regretfully Struck,” which was originally posted in August 2009.”

  • De Anza Rape Trial Filled with Victim Blaming, Slut Shaming
  • – A festering capsule of rape culture

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