At least we’ll always have Blackadder

Somebody has managed to get an extraordinary cast together for a sequel to the highly uneven outing that was Johnny English (2003). Hm.

While I didn’t hate the first movie as much as some who’ve really put the boot in, I was rather disappointed that it wasn’t sharper and funnier. I’m sure Rowan Atkinson really wants to get it right this time (it wasn’t a total flop in terms of box office takings, but it certainly wasn’t a smash hit). I hope the writers don’t totally waste this cast.

Maybe they should re-employ some of the creatives that did the original Barclaycard ads?

Video description: Latham (Rowan Atkinson) and Bough (Henry Naylor) are breaking into a heavily secured country house in the middle of the night, wearing traditional movie burglar outfits – all-black etc. Latham mocks Bough for wanting to get a mortgage loan to buy a house, which gives Bough a chance to explain how the credit card product meets this need. Latham cockily stops Bough from entering the house by using a spray-canister to reveal a laser sensor, which he ducks under. Bough follows Latham into the room while Latham continues to mock him regarding the loan while Bough protests by laying out all the positive product features. Bough sprays again to reveal another laser trip line behind Latham, tries to tell him but is dismissed by Latham, who then triggers the alarm and is trapped by a glass wall that rises from the floor. Bough escapes while Latham yells.

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