Signal boost: Call for Submissions — AP Our Way zine

Arwyn over at Raising Boychick wants you to share your experiences if you are living with disabilities and pursuing attachment parenting:

AP Our Way: Disabled Parents Making Attachment Parenting Work for Us and Making Peace with When We Can’t

Attachment parenting is more than a checklist of choices: it’s about respecting the personhood of children and their inherent need for close relationships with and responsiveness from their family, which can be accomplished whether or not we lactate or babywear or cosleep. Living with disabilities means we know that we can’t care for others if we’re overtaxing ourselves, but that we aren’t incapable or less-than: that in a world not built for us, we have to find our own way — and mostly do, as hard as it sometimes is. AP Our Way will collect and present stories, poetry, graphic art, diatribes and more on how we made the ideals and tools of attachment parenting work for us — and made peace with reality when we didn’t.
Please send questions, queries, and submissions of graphic art (reproducible in black and white), poetry, and creative nonfiction (300-2000 words, as well as 100 word drabbles) to apourway at raisingmyboychick dot com. Attachments in RTF preferred; no .docx. Submissions are due no later than June 1, 2011.

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