I’m in a tinkering mood rather than a writing mood today.  Having just added new Kiwi group blog The Stroppery to the blogroll, who else do you reckon should be there that isn’t already?

Segue Time! Thank you, internets.

Segue The First:

Thought Process: blogrolling > rolling rolling rolling > Rawhide theme > ask the internets for best version ever > Gus and Fin’s ukelele version:

Segue The Second:

Thought Process: Look for pics for rawhide/rolling etc.  Disregard covers for Rolling Stone magazine. Marvel at not the concept of painted pony sculptures, but at this particular bright blue pony prancing over a cow skull and decorated with (stampeding?) bison amidst lightning forks.  Hmmm. Also wonder what this image has to do with rolling – looking at you, Google Image Search.

A ceramic horse figurine painted bright blue with its flanks decorated with a depiction of a herd of bison.  Beneath it lies the skull of a cow.

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  1. Me, of course. And They Gave Us a Republic is nifty as well. (And you can ignore my shameless self promotion if you want to :-p)

  2. Which reminds me i want a fez, off to google to locate a Jeff and Akbar’s Fez Hut in my location.

  3. I think that painted pony’s name is “Rolling Thunder.” Or if it’s not, it should be.

  4. @Maureen, of course I’m not going to ignore your shameless self-promotion. And why didn’t you promote your other blog? I loved your Game of Thrones vs Atlas Shrugged post. Both blogrolled.
    Looking forward to reading some more of They Gave Us A Republic.
    @dylan – I hope you post a fez photo once you have obtained it. Fezzes are cool.

  5. @iiii, “Rolling Thunder” is absolutely its name. Perfect.

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