A selection from this morning’s Tweets

Neck playing up so avoiding typing, please forgive the linkfest. Greeting me when I opened my Seesmic this morning were these stories:

Good 1st Am. ruling: court dismisses Koch Brothers’ horrible lawsuit seeking the identity of those who satirized them: http://is.gd/eScSG6

Via @jan_murray, UK govt proposing new university slots reserved for nation’s richest. http://gu.com/p/2px27/tf #boggle

Texas teacher who told Muslim girl ‘you must be grieving” over #OBL’s death will not be returning to work http://tpm.ly/jwkAcF ^@evanmc_s

From gross to awe-inspiring – surgeons rebuild man’s hip using his own amputated leg. http://youtu.be/K0MjGRF4zMU

The legislative march against #unions continues: http://on.wsj.com/lV32pN #classwar

Sex-Positive Feminism 101: http://tinyurl.com/62fr86q a must-read by @ClarisseThorn

“You can call us that name, but we will not shut up”: Boston #SlutWalk http://bit.ly/mN5UQK
(transcript of Jaclyn Friedman’s speech)

Major James Abbott who founded Abbottabad wrote a truly appalling peom about it – http://bit.ly/m3G0wK

1/2 Belkin’s post http://bit.ly/iQeLJe confuses gender identity issues with limitations imposed by gender roles. Two different things.
2/2 Being open minded and allowing your child to explore any/all interests/identitites is useful in addressing both, but they are not same.

However, I couldn’t find anyone saying anything sufficiently scathing and pithy about Newt Gingrich running for President (there are not enough FFS!s and AYFKM?s in the world). I’m presuming that he’s only seriously thinking that he could manage to slide into the Veep slot.

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  1. UK govt proposing new university slots reserved for nation’s richest.
    So, our voting system sucks but the British are taking hints from our attempts to entrench a class system? Amazing!

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