More My-Neck-Hurts pseudoblogging

Thor-vs-Green-Lantern-squee. Well played, ItsJustSomeRandomGuy. (via The Mary Sue)

(My mousing arm is intact, it’s my other arm that I need for touch-typing that needs the break)

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  1. Some WTF? for you from Todd McKenney, a judge on Dancing with the Stars, about Brynne Edelsten

    And then if she’s going to come on Dancing With the Stars and wear a shoestring strap, fully-breasted [my emphasis] dancing around and not very well, then she’s gonna cop it,” McKenney told The Morning Show.

    So does he expect her to leave half her breasts at home, or not dance on a dancing show?

  2. Mindy, perhaps he considers them optional. Like, you know, pants or something.

  3. Who knows Li, I’m not sure he knows himself.

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