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  1. Yes. I just read from a media student that when asked about this he said that ‘Her reaction to the issue of the secretary’s appearance was like that of an angry cat. It could have been a male or a female cat’. Great. Not just sexism but homophobia and dehumanisation.

  2. FP, he also added “I like cats”, at which point I wanted to beg him to Just Stop Digging.

  3. I just loved her dignified disgust, especially at the “sensitive” jibe that followed.

  4. Oh my lord. “I like cats”. Eww. Stop talking Mr. Yes, she was absolutely magnificent. I would have become squeaky and teary eyed in my outrage (not that there’s anything wrong with that either) but she was so great! So clearly insistent. *Love*

  5. Thanks so much for posting this. I read about it in the paper, but it’s so much more impressive to see her actual tone. Well above the ‘Oooh he was sexist!’ coverage in the press.

  6. We need more Penny Wong. Lots more.

  7. This kind of thing happens a lot in the workplace. And women can’t see other women take this sexism to task often enough, in my opinion. It is just such a powerful experience to see another woman face the same kind of sexism you encounter and to see her tackle it so effectively and survive the experience so strongly. One little clip like this is worth about a hundred hours of assertiveness training, I reckon.

  8. Lucky me! Some clever person came up with this.

  9. @Mindy, lolgate might need a few quick tips on finetuning sites on wordpress.com! The slideshow is, however, luvverly.

  10. We need more Penny Wong. Lots more.
    I agree. Let’s clone her.

  11. I’m not Australian, but “The blacks are allowed to yell”?

  12. Restructure!: it’s not “the blacks”, but “the blokes”. Men.

  13. I realized that after I read the transcript. I guess I can’t understand Australian. 🙂

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