Robbie Williams, Professor of Manology at Science University

In which Robbie Williams reminds us that it’s not feminists who think that all men are garbage: Shakesville (via Shakestweetz (title ganked from Liss’ post))

Robbie Williams grinning very broadlyIn the same interview that he claims that he feels more emotionally connected to an apple he’s holding than to a woman he’s just slept with (and that this is just “what men are made of”), he also answers a question on “if he would be unfaithful if he could guarantee it would remain a secret” with saying that he wouldn’t because he doesn’t want to break his wife’s heart because he’s so in wuv.

So according to Professor Williams, men are made of dehumanising objectification in the overwhelming pursuit of sexual gratification (so you can’t blame them for cheating etc, such helpless bunnies they are), except when those bad boys are redeemed by the true wuv of a good woman (when they magically can stop cheating after all, because this one‘s worth it). Misandrist essentialism and incoherent exceptionalism, well played sir!

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  1. Oh man. *head desk* *head desk* *head desk*
    Must be troll day.

  2. He’s also gone public with a diagnosis of depression, and I know that when my depression was at its worst, I felt about as connected to an apple than to a person. Of course, I didn’t just generalise that to half the population…

  3. @lilacsigil, I could totally buy that his depression both made him feel disconnected and also more likely to try and feel connected through sex, so that he was more likely to pursue quick flings and end up finding that they didn’t help.
    But yeah, that doesn’t mean that every man alive feels just the same.

  4. What a turd. Yeah, if it was ‘At this time in my life I felt…’ rather than ‘Well little ladies, that’s what men ARE at core! So THERE’ it would be less turdlike. But turdlike it very definitely is. I hate that stuff too. He thinks it’s about bignoting himself and his machismo but it’s actually really really derogatory towards women to say ‘Men hate you. They don’t care about you at all. See that apple he’s eating. He cares about that as much as you and your shitty shitty life and emotions and body and mind. If he’s had sex with you it’s purely to get himself off but he can’t stand you. UNLESS you can prove that you are The One – not like other women! Because women?Worthless’

  5. Of course, I didn’t just generalise that to half the population…
    My depression can numb my mind so much that I can’t muster any feeling at all, but it doesn’t make me connect to apples more than people.

  6. @SunlessNick – and that’s exactly why I said I wasn’t generalising my experience.

  7. Oh, I got that, I was agreeing with you.

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