“We know he is a real person. He has a Facebook site.”

Yes, and so does my friend’s dog.

If there aren’t several dozen pranksters out there already hard at work on creative Facebook personas, planning on interacting in fascinatingly innovative ways with Pauline Hansen’s Facebook page (and others), then I will have severely misjudged the Aussie streak of larrikinism.

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  1. Clearly Mr Lowe should go and watch Catfish.

  2. I was so tempted to start making myself up some new webmail addresses and registering on the FB as a brace of dead Australian prime ministers just so they could leave comments on Pauline’s FB page:

    “Your views intrigue me, and I would like to receive your newsletter.”
    – Harold Holt/Robert Menzies/Edmund Barton/Billy Hughes/Alfred Deakin/Ben Chifley

    One could have particular fun with Harold Holt and a fish and chips pun.

  3. My dad has two facebook pages! His evidence counts double!

  4. Magnificent sockpuppetry. Superb.

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