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Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments. Shameless self-promotion entirely welcome!
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  • Androcentrism: It’s Okay to Be a Boy, but Being a Girl…
  • – This image does offer an important social insight, but if you’re using a screen reader to access the internet, you won’t get the point, because Sociological Images does not insist upon alt and title tags for its images, nor transcript for its videos. The images even just have a number, not descriptive titles. Why not more accessibility?

  • How To Deal With Tracy Morgan Apologists On Your Facebook
  • – “Facebook: Where you can learn that your friends are hateful shitnuggets! Stop being friends with someone today!”

  • An Introduction to Kindle for PC
  • – “When I posted a few days ago about indie publishing my novel, Devil You Don’t, I got a couple of comments asking how someone who doesn’t own a Kindle can read the book. I thought I’d shoot out a quick post to address that.”

  • Linkspam isn’t saying no… (13th June, 2011)
  • – linkfest from Geek Feminism

  • SlutWalk London
  • – “Somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 people marched in London’s Slutwalk on Saturday. “

  • Feminism 101
  • – “I demand a world without the saxophone music.”

  • Real Quick: Disappearing Dawn French
  • – “So long as French does not adopt universal weight-loss evangelism, and keeps her body-related choices as her own, I can’t say I begrudge her this loss. French no more owes the world an explanation for her weight loss than anyone else would owe an explanation for weight gain; French’s autonomous choices are simply none of our business, and expecting such an explanation reinforces the idea that we have a right to police anyone’s body, for any reason. “

  • If Only Sarah Would Love Me
  • – Jesse at Pandagon examines the obsessive end of Palin fandom.

  • The New Novel is Conveniently Dominated by White Men
  • – “One thing Fitzpatrick is trying to get at is who benefits from that narrative–that the novel is dead, that only a handful of people still write important books, and that those important books are kind of coincidentally usually written by financially comfortable white guys.”

  • Femininity and the Proposed Badminton Dress Code
  • – “Though the dress code is on hold for the moment, it’s a great example of the way that concerns about appearance may trump functionality when it comes to women’s sports.”

  • Evolutionary psychologists on the weaknesses of evolutionary psychology
  • – “The fact is that, on the whole, the media have been very positive about evolutionary psychology, reporting a variety of tentative findings as ground-breaking discoveries and making cultural heroes of some of the most effective defenders of the approach. (…) The problem is that this success was based not so much on an interest for scientific progress and for a genuinely naturalistic understanding of human affairs, as on a taste for sweeping generalizations with hints of political and moral relevance, in particular about sexual relationships, violence, domination, and so on.”

  • The Left, the Right and the New Atheism: a response to PZ Myers
  • – “It would genuinely make a difference for a prominent atheist to come out and identify Islamophobia as a problem, one to which the atheist Left needs to face up.”

  • Journos in Jarmies
  • – “But just who is saying that blogging is intended to replace professional investigative journalism? And who says it is ‘either/or’? Can’t we have both? One would have thought we had got past this tired “pro” versus “am” debate and got to discussing what makes good journalism irrespective of how the writer is employed. The truth is journalism is changing for good and for THE good, regardless of what some diehards in the mainstream old media might hope.”

  • Fast and Fatuous
  • – “The other recent example of the media jumping the gun on a story, based on their own impatient presumptions, was the early mentions of Lindsay Tanner’s book ‘Sideshow’. As Media Watch noted, these stories, again appearing first in the Sunday Torygraph, had Tanner “unloading on the Rudd government” when the book said nothing of the sort and when the reporter herself admitted she hadn’t even read it. The fact that their incorrect and superficial reaction only proved Tanner’s point about the media’s obsession with the political contest, as opposed to the underlying policy reality, was completely lost on many journalists.”

  • Rip and Roll – the continuation
  • – “Oh FSM where do I start? I’ve blogged on the ACL before, as have many before and after me. A fair go does not mean an unlimited number of goes – something that the ACL seems to have forgotten. Any individual or organisation that repeatedly serves to alienate a part of the population (particularly a part that includes those with a fair bit of privilege and money), tends to end up being disliked if not actively hated by that part, and by those who are sympathetic or aligned to that part (but who are not part of that part – well that was complicated). ACL has used up their limited number of fair goes. “

  • The innumeracy of the right
  • – “While this is an extreme case, it’s pretty much routine for the rightwing side of the climate debate. Ludicrous numbers like Goldsworthy’s can be found on just about any rightwing blog you care to visit.”

Disclaimer/SotBO: a link here is not necessarily an endorsement of all opinions of the post author(s) either in the particular post or of their writing in general.

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  1. Violet’s back? There may be something in this idea from one of her commenters:

    every time a male politician screws up like this, their wife gets to take their job. We’ll be up to 52% representation in congress in no time!

  2. Is sharing the chores such a daft idea?
    and Henry…

    Woman were created to do the houswork. It is genetic. men are the breadwinners and woman the domestic godesses. If you have a baby and stay home, you should do the housework and cooking.
    if you have a dog you don’t bark for it!
    Henry | Georges Hall – June 15, 2011, 11:40AM

  3. Apart from the more pressing and obvious problems with Henry’s charming ‘analogy’ you present your dog with meals you prepare and you don’t expect it to pick up its own shit, much less yours.

  4. I sincerely hope that dude doesn’t have, and never gets, a “dog”.

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