Anybody who says crap like this? Avoid them and warn others about them


This comment is not getting published over at the FF101 FAQ: if women like sex just as much as men do, then why is rape so bad? It’s just rougher sex, right?

Is it just a troll effort? A so-called “joke” on the “humourless feminists”? Maybe.

It’s still a crap worldview, and you are not a safe person for others to be around.

I find it a bit ironic that men in this society often complain that they can’t get laid, and that women in this society often complain about rape, when the fact of the matter is that if you *truly* enjoyed something then it would be enjoyed regardless of whether it was “forced” on you or not. For an example, I like making money. Whether I *say* I want money or not, I’ll be more than happy to take as much as you want to give me and at any time and for any reason.

The only feasible conclusion is that women don’t enjoy sex as much as men, and if you think otherwise then I offer this example: if 2 girls have their way with a guy regardless of what he says then I call that dude lucky. 2 men have their way with a girl regardless of what she says, and suddenly it’s a “traumatic” experience that requires years of therapy and social support. The fact that the outcome of these 2 scenarios are at opposite ends of the spectrum proves that the people who side with the opinion of the OP are nothing more than a bunch of attention whores who get off to excessive melodrama and social pity. Women everywhere should grow up and stop acting surprised when the short skirt and low-cut shirt results in getting what they’re clearly asking for.

Firstly: way to erase male victims of female rape there, “Jake”. They do exist and they do not consider themselves “lucky” – they consider their voices and experiences to be insensitively dismissed and belittled by arsehats like you. As to women “asking for” sexualised attention by how they dress – just because they’re dressed to attract somebody, doesn’t mean that they want to attract you.

Secondly: would your response to somebody hit repeatedly over the head with a banjo be “but you like bluegrass, you’re always saying so”? I challenge you, “Jake” who likes making money, to be “more than happy” about being overpowered and forced to “take” a whole pile of cash rammed down your throat without care for whether you can still breathe or not.

Finally, look up the legend of how Marcus Licinius Crassus in antiquity was dealt with by the Parthians for another occasion when a man who loved money did not find being forced to accept riches a happy experience.

If you are attempting to take a cheap rhetorical shot, I give you 2/10 for the pile of fallacies. If you are expressing what you truly believe, you need to go and live alone in a cave somewhere, with no internet, where you will not be able to damage other people even “just online”.

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  1. I think I am going to be physically ill.
    Just because you like ice cream doesn’t mean you want it to be force fed to you.

  2. Force-feeding, forced medical care, kidnapping and detention no matter how pleasant the locale, these are all recognised as abusive like rape even though consensual eating, consensual medical care and free holidays can be pleasant, wanted, needed and sought after. (I note that like rape also, they are often falsely minimised by analogy with the consensual experiences.)
    It’s only anecdata, but almost all sexual men of my acquaintance can recount unpleasant sexual experiences ranging from consensual encounters that weren’t very satisfying to assault. Does this erase their identification as sexual, as enjoying sex? No it doesn’t.
    Conclusion: the premise that one only enjoys things if one would enjoy them without consent is bunk.

  3. Wow, that is just poisonous.

  4. I believe I threw up a little in my mouth reading that.
    I always love that patronizing “My false analogy here will be more than sufficient to disprove you claims. Carry on now” tone too.

  5. My only quibble in comments is that forced and coerced medical intervention is often not even recognised as wrong or dodgy, let alone as the abuse, assault and battery, or rape that it is. The people at the sharp end are as Hoydenizens might suspect: women, trans people, people with disabilities, people who aren’t white, poor people, fat people, and so on.
    Also, back to the OP …. I live for the day when people STOP comparing women’s bodies to commodities and possessions. And have come to the conclusion that pretty much any comment around rape culture that involves any sort of comparison to money, ipods, cellphones, wallets, cars, windows, flatscreen TVs, Wiis, is just wrong wrong wrongitty wrong at base. Inaccurate/inapplicable; fallacious regardless.

  6. My only quibble in comments is that forced and coerced medical intervention is often not even recognised as wrong or dodgy, let alone as the abuse, assault and battery, or rape that it is.

    Sorry, I probably should have used a different verb than ‘recognised’. ‘Experienced’ is not quite right either, but I meant to refer more to the experience of the person being abused than the societal analysis. (Society’s minimisation or denial of abuse does affect the ability of the person being abused to name it as such, also.)

  7. Having thought about it a touch more, I expand on my apology: I am sorry for using medical abuse as an example of something more readily recognised as abuse than rape is. This isn’t true, also they are sometimes the same thing.

  8. Oh, that is foul (not you, Mary, the shit in the OP).

  9. Totally second what Lauredhel is saying – “I live for the day when people STOP comparing women’s bodies to commodities and possessions” – yeah, we’ll know we’re hearing a valid counterargument when the other side can finally make it without talking about a vagina like it is a laptop that we should be careful carrying about with us in public lest someone decides to “steal” it.

  10. Hear effing hear.

  11. Dear freaking lack of god…Who the hell is this stupid and callous that they say crap like this?
    I like fighting – in martial arts class, on a mat on a sprung floor, under a set of safety rules, when I can tap out at any time.. It doesn’t mean it’s okay to jump on my back and choke me or punch me in the face whenever you happen to see me in the street.
    I like adrenaline. It doesn’t mean it’s ok to forcibly hold me down and shoot me up with 100 cc’s.
    I like Alsatian dogs. It doesn’t mean it’s ok to let a badly behaved one maul me.

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