Obvious social media marketing bait is obvious: no biscuit

Which is why I’m not going to mention a certain product name that was repeated over and over and over again in a press release I just received claiming that a certain product that is used to whiten stuff that people want to be whiter is actively involved in an official campaign to become a sponsor for “the most famous white house in the world, the White House” that they expect to  “be a welcome addition to the American economy which is on the brink of collapse”. This “amusing” press release seemed to never end.

Isaiah Mustafa in the viral video for Old Spice

Yep, absolutely no resemblance

Yawnorama. Learn to pithy, please, if you can’t actually make your fantastical scenario sufficiently whimsical to be appealing. I know Old Spice Guy well, Old Spice Guy is a minor joy of mine, you are nothing like Old Spice Guy.

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  1. I just wanted to say Old Spice Guy – sigh, you are so damn adorable.

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