Hanging out the washing

Yes, it really is a post about hanging out the washing.

Five seconds of your life that you’ll never get back.

Oh Kerry, please do ask me.

Back of the t-shirt. (What does that even mean?)

And my todder son , Cormac, at Montessori playgroup hanging out the washing. This is one of his favourite activities, mine too, actually. Very rock and roll of me, I know.

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  1. I need that t-shirt yesterday. It would be the envy of my siblings. We love us some Kerry. He houses orphans in the cleft of his chin.

  2. In a wonderful bit of synchronicity, I’ve just got in from hanging out the washing myself, which, considering I’ve been suffering from the Killer Flu From Hell for the past couple of weeks, is a bit of a triumph. First piece of housework in over a week, yay! Now I’m just hoping the weather will hold fine for another couple of days, so we can get a few more loads through, and maybe have clean shirts and clean underwear for both of us for a bit longer.
    (Oh, and if any of the other Hoydenizens are down with the KFFH, you have my sympathies. I’m not fully recovered, it’s just today is the first day in about a fortnight where the very thought of standing for ten minutes with my arms above my head hasn’t made me feel dizzy enough to rule the prospect of washing out.)

  3. I think I might just be coming down with it. I’ve got aches and pains and nasty gastric surprises happening /TMI.

  4. This winter seems to have been a right nasty one for flu and various awful lingering things. I hope everyone is better soon.

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