Otterday! And Open Thread.

This close encounter with a juvenile human was captured at the Ecotarium, and shared on flickr by magic robots.

toddler has a close encounter with an otter, face to face on either side of the aquarium glass

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Current earworm: Me, Myself I, Joan Armatrading (which I’ve just discovered is the actual title because I couldn’t find it under what I thought was the title, being Be My Sofa (ie “be my comforting retreat from the world”) – that’s a rather stunning mondegreen.

  2. I’ve got a massive attack of the guilts because I never threw a sickie this week trek up here to people trying to occupy and save the native forest logging coupe near Sylvia Creek in the Toolangi . I signed up for the SMS messages and they just arrive a bit too late for someone sitting in an office in the city to get organised and drive up (and having spent time there as a youngun I know the roads there can get pretty intense!) Now today I have rehearsal with Tess to which I’m 100% committed, perhaps I can get up there tomorrow but tht’s 3 weeks in a row haven’t seen elderly parents and the coupe is already destroyed. Very conflicted (and of course same ongoing problem doing 95% of the fucking house and garden, too.)

  3. I would love for someone to be my sofa today. Kid is sick and we are wondering if we will need to take him to hospital, but not wanting to rush in like panic merchants what with the drips and blood tests and all, and in the meantime we are mooching around pretending to do housework and write assignments and not worry worry worry. As with my own favourite mondegreeen, some days are diamond, some days are coal.

  4. @Pen *hugs* and best wishes for the boy, I hope hospital isn’t called for.
    I had just got myself all comfy on my sofa in my lounge room, but it has been invaded by Guitar Hero playing children. I shall have to retreat to my study nook instead. Did I mention that I now have my very own desk in my very own space that I don’t have to share with anyone? It is very nice 🙂

  5. Pen – hope he gets better soon!
    Is it gastro?

  6. He’s doing OK. He has a predisposition to getting rhabdomyolysis, so we have to be careful when he’s crook or achy. Thanks for asking.

  7. Good wishes Pen.
    I don’t know whether to laugh at Justin Timberlake here, and call this karmic payback for semi-pimping Mila Kunis, or send the poor woman some virtual “get some rest” vibes.
    The UK government has decided to still include me among those it counts as mentally disabled. 97% percent faking, it my fucking arse. But I’m secure for a bit, which will hopefully lead to a drop in suicidal thoughts.

  8. Pen – That must be so stressful for you. Hope he gets well soon, and doesn’t need hospital.

    • @Pen, I too hope that the boy has nothing worse than a touch of achy flu.
      We took a whole pile of obsolete computer equipment to the council’s e-waste recycling day – several CRT monitors, old cases & keyboards & disks & cables. A full wagon-bed’s worth.
      Quite a bit of extra space in a couple of useful corners now.

  9. Today I’m mourning a friend and amazing activist and unionist who passed yesterday. This morning though I read a really beautiful tribute by Lee Rhiannon and then spent the afternoon with friends at a beach just taking time out, so I’m going much better than yesterday.

  10. We’re watching that date with Tad Hamilton movie, and obsessive Nice guy(tm) friend ™ is talking to girl’s father, and father says “Don’t think I don’t know who cares about my daughter, and who she would be with if the world was fair”, and I paced, rather than screaming “If the world was fair she’d be going out with whomsoever the fuck she wants to without the menfolk divvying up the “Carnal treasures”, you arrogant bastards” because screaming at the world would wake up the tiny tyrant.
    Gah. Crank, I has it.
    Rude words are being had. Alcohol is being consumed. Someone is muttering “It’s not fair, I can’t enjoy romcoms like I used to”.
    Red pills taste bitter.

  11. Pen, I really hope the evening passed without a trip to hospital!
    SunlessNick, I’m crossing fingers for you! Also hugs, if you would like them.
    And Li, I’m so very sorry. I didn’t know her myself, but my fb feed has many people sharing their sadness over this loss. Many hugs, if you would like them.
    YetAnotherMatt, I’m intrigued by the romcom thing, because I can’t quite work out if my annoyance with them is only red-pill-related (or rather, whether my sensitivities have gone up, since I don’t remember a time pre-red-pill, really) or whether they really have gotten worse. A friend of mine suggests that romcoms became about people being selfish and screwing over other people to be together rather than about just two people sorting their shit out and realising they love each other. But that’s not so much about the fucked up gender dynamics they often depict…. Hmm. I am going to rewatch When Harry Met Sally, which I don’t even remember the plot of because I must’ve watched it about ten years ago, to find out… This may be a mistake.

  12. *best wishes for those going through difficult times*
    I am feeling excitement for a new blog project I’m starting, also my first blog project in a long time. I’m going to review fiction books, but not new ones. I’m calling it the ‘Retro Fiction Review Series’. Feel free to wander along if you’re of the science-fiction/fantasy reading type with a feminist flavour.
    Otherwise, I have tea and a backlog of blog posts to read, podcasts to listen to and tv to watch… my afternoon looks pretty rosy.

  13. This is a message to Hoydens who are also my tweeps. Since I last logged off and on again Twitter has upgraded me to new Twitter. My ancient OS can’t cope with it and I can’t access Twitter at work so that is over and out from me – I can see the main page of tweets but not participate or see replies. 😦 After I do my tax perhaps I’ll have enough to fix broken CD drive and upgrade but usually any refund / FTB gets sucked out elsewhere!

    • Sorry to hear that, Helen!
      You’ll just have to drop your interesting links in the Femmostroppo Reader threads here, for others to tweet 🙂
      (Speaking of which, I really should get one up and running)

  14. Tigtog – I friggin’ LOVE Joan Armatrading. Do you like “Love By You”? I so wanna cover that song!
    I went and saw “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” on Sunday with my gorgeous man. We loved it, it was really good, and I was delighted to see that the excellent motion capture and Andy Serkis’ amazing ability to work well with that technology paid off so much. And James Franco was a hundred percent adorable. As were the rest of the cast. Don’t want to spoil people so I’ll end it there, but I really did like it a lot!

    • OMFSP, I finally has my internets back! ***sassafrassing broadband outages***
      I was able to do a bit of noodling on the netbook with my portable wifi, but netbook gets old when one still recovering from flu.
      @napalmnacey – glad to hear a good review for the new Planet of the Apes movie – the trailer definitely piqued my interest.
      @Pen, I hope your child is feeling better.
      @Li, my condolences.
      @SunlessNick, glad to hear you’re still qualifying for services etc. The disability policing/demonising is getting beyond ridiculous.

  15. Condolences, Li.
    Helen, I’m sorry you won’t be able to take part in the twitterverse for at least a while.
    Further to last week’s sewing discussion, here are some bright colours:
    <a href="</a&gt;
    <a href="</a&gt;

  16. Child is all good, thanks everyone.

  17. Oh, yay! Celebratory hugs.

    Not sure if anyone is still reading this thread, but I need a safe space to vent.
    Had a tradie in to give me a quote this morning. He told me that all members of a certain portion of my profession were “gay faggots” who “should be taken out and shot”. :((((( (no apparent vitriol towards me, personally, but still!)
    Yeah, I don’t think he’s getting the job. But, a couple of hours later, I still feel queasy and jittery and slightly unsafe, especially since he’s really local (one of the reasons I got a quote from him in the first place). 😦

  19. Jo, that’s horrible 😦 So sorry that happened.

  20. Thanks.
    In slightly better news: I’ve been having trouble finding female tradies (as in: NOBODY seems to know any!) but I just spoke to the “master” organisation for this particular tradie to look for others to get quotes from (someone else coming on Sat but now I’m scared they will be much the same as this morning’s douche), and said “are there any women” and the person (apparently a woman) I spoke to said “of course!”.
    Which is not to say that I never trust male tradies or always trust not-male tradies, but there must be not-male tradies out there, and the fact that they seem to be so invisible makes me even more keen to send some work their way if I can. Of course, if anyone made the same comment that this morning’s douche made, sie’d also be off my list.
    Oh, tt, just realised: I meant to put a TW on my first comment, but I forgot. Would you mind putting it in for me? (sorry!)

  21. I think he is unlikely to be concerned about not getting the job, if that is what you are worried about. If he does ever ask you can just say you got a better quote elsewhere. It sounds like he was the type of bloke who expects people who he thinks are like him to share the same ideas as him.

  22. Thanks Mindy. I agree with you, but the fear reaction is not even that rational. It’s more the “someone who thinks people a bit like me (and who I might be more like one day) should be shot, and who was willing to say so to my face, lives not too far from me” aspect than the “and so what will he do to me if I don’t give him the job” aspect.
    That, and the reminder that the people with whom I interact most of the time – reasonably rational, don’t believe that problems are best solved with violence – are not necessarily the majority in this world.
    And yes, I think you are right, that is probably exactly where he was coming from, especially since after that “charmingly forthright” conversation, he did the “are you [his ethnic group]?” thing, and, when I said no, he did the “where are you from?” thing.
    Rightly or wrongly, I always interpret that as: “You’re like me, aren’t you? No? How unlike me are you?”
    (and thanks tt!)

  23. My lovely son has kindly shared his tummy bug with me. So I’m off home with a work laptop to try and get done what I needed to do today, near the comfort of my own toilet. Probably a good thing I finished the 1st book of Game of Thrones yesterday and can’t get the second until the weekend. Now all I have to do is ignore the lure of twitter and I will be right. Yes, I’m doomed.

  24. :p~~~ to the tummy bug 😦

  25. Agh Jo, I understand that feeling – like you’ve just been mentally sucker-punched out of nowhere, and are wondering if you should expect it again (for starters). I’m sorry you were in that situation, and that this stuff was spewed out in your personal space (home).
    Hope you recover quickly, Mindy.

  26. Thanks Aphie. I’m feeling better I think it is just a 24 hour bug. At least I hope so.

  27. Thanks Aphie.

  28. Jo, that sucks, I’m sorry.
    Get well soon, Mindy.

  29. Thanks Nick.

  30. Back on deck today thanks SunlessNick. Just a minor thing it would seem, touch wood.

  31. I have a busybusy weekend planned, with a family birthday, visits from wonderful women who I don’t see nearly often enough, and with adopting two cats who are likely to be pretty traumatised. I’ve scheduled Otterday, and the other Hoydens will take care of any modding that needs doing.
    Contact SAFE Bunbury on 9734 1285, if you’re able to adopt a cat or cats right now, or to make a donation toward their care. They had 23 cats dumped on them by a breeder last week, which has stretched resources immensely. They will use Australian Air Express if they have to to get cats to forever homes elsewhere, and I think a fair few are fostered in Perth if you’re in that area.

  32. Trying to re-edit a Polish editor’s edits on my article. Head hurt.

  33. Australian Air Express eh. Hmm might have to do some investigating…

  34. Have got the okay to adopt a British Short Hair, have sent an enquiry. We will see how it goes.

  35. Mindy that’s marvellous! I hope it works out for you. These poor cats deserve loving homes, after all they’ve been through.

  36. I’m a sucker for a round British Shorthair face. I have emailed them so hopefully they have a volunteer on email duty. If not I will have to phone them Monday.

  37. Mindy: I’ve found phoning that number to be the best way of contacting them. You may need to try several times because obviously they’re not always next to the phone!

  38. They aren’t appearing on the website anymore so maybe they have all gone to new homes? Good for them 😦 for me. I might just have to enjoy them vicariously.

  39. Mindy: My understanding is that ?most?all have found at least foster homes, but then there will be the process of finding adoption homes for them. I found the best way was to ring and talk with Raquel – but recognising that they’re all volunteers with lives, who might take weekends off, be too busy with the animals to update the website, etc. I believe this might be the biggest dump they’ve ever seen. It took a little patience to get things organised, for me, but it was worth it!

  40. Thanks Lauredhel, I’ll keep trying then.

  41. Unfortunately it is not to be this time. The pussycats left (8) are quite unused to being in spaces bigger than a cage and would need someone to spend a lot of time with them getting them used to being outside a cage. With small children, who wouldn’t be able to leave puss alone, and other unknown, and for a little while at least unfriendly, cats the amount of stress on the new cat would just be too much I think. Plus they aren’t keen on sending one to NSW in case it didn’t work out because it would be difficult and expensive to get it back. But you never know, I might just find a British Short Hair at the RSPCA in Canberra.
    But if you are in WA, looking for a companion, like tabby British Short Hair cats, and have time to spend getting to know one, and a smallish space they can call home for a while until they get used to larger spaces let me know and I will pass the foster carer’s details on.

  42. Sorry to hear it didn’t happen this time, Mindy! When my parents (almost Canberrans) were searching for new puppies, they used PetRescue. It lets you search by state which is pretty helpful, and whilst it makes me sad that there are *so* many on that website, the puppies my parents found are just great. Just in case you’re inspired to go a-searching.

  43. Oh, and yay for a new kitty, Lauredhel! 🙂

  44. Thanks WP. We can afford to wait for the perfect kitty. But browsing is nice too.

    Found out tonight that I am going to be an aunty again and that my littlest nephew has two lovely teeth.

  45. Browsing is leading me to wanting to ‘settle down,’ at least enough to have a dog 😉

  46. I did see a lovely puss cat, but unfortunately he is bonded to another cat at the same foster carers and the foster carer wants them to go together. If I didn’t already have three I’d be there in a flash, but five is really pushing it.

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