Thursday Cheezburger – Spring

Today’s theme is Spring, since it is by the calendar the first day of Spring. For those who prefer to follow the equinox you have to wait until the 23rd apparently (via a few people on Twitter). I was considering making this another post about politics, since rumours are abounding about Shorten making a tilt for the leadership (see what I did there?) but bugger it. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, people are sneezing and cursing, let’s celebrate Spring.

funny pictures - Mmmm!SPRING has a wonderful flavor!
Mmmm! SPRING has a wonderful flavor!”

funny pictures of cats with captions
is springtime now please start up cheezburger machine

Post your favourite Spring themed pictures here.

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3 replies

  1. and, from my own garden this week, new growth on the pineapple guava:

  2. lolcat waitz 4 spring… xplane to mi yz therz no birdz yet

    Breaking News – LOL Cat reveals quantum spring theory Universe to asplode after dinner noms

  3. In the spring, the lolcat emerges from it’s cocoon.
    Can’t I just call for takeout?
    With a full bladder and an empty stomach, the surly creature must immediately begin the hunt for its elusive prey…the burger with cheese

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