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I was recently treated to another round of “disabled people need to just ask for accommodations, then they’d be given them,” with the usual accompaniments of “you shouldn’t be so angry” and “you should be nicer.” (It was on Goodreads. don’t ask. Really.)

So I figured, okay. I know this is bullshit from a lifetime of experience, but let’s gather some data.

Guess how many competent and positive responses sie received to “just asking nicely”. Go on.

h/t Captain Awkward on Feministe

Recommended Reading: W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

9 accessibility icons in a 3x3 grid - hearing, sight, mobility, age, dyslexia etc

Image Credit: Artist Unknown

For a bit of added double-facepalm territory, the image I’ve chosen to represent this post on the front page was found on a site linking to the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative, and using this picture, but they didn’t have any alt or title tags for the image to help those reliant on assistive internet technology to appreciate how this image references 9 variations on types of disabilities that affect people’s access to the web.

If you know who the original artist for this picture is, please let me know so that they can be properly credited for their work.

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  1. This is a fantastic link, thanks for highlighting it for us.

  2. Wow, that is really terrible that not *one* of those companies even tried to appear like they wanted to help.

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